A Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic cigarette is the device invented to suppress the addiction of many smokers. It is the new invention that is use as alternative for smoking. This device is said to help smoker to quit smoking. This smokeless cigarette helps smokers by changing their perspective when it comes to smoking, it did not just lessen the bad habit of smokers but it became the legal landscape of the actual cigarette.

The so called electronic cigarette or the popularly called “e-cig” can be effectively used to control the addiction of smokers. It is evident that it has been used as alternative for actual cigarette because of the benefit that smokers get. Smokers who uses the e-cigar is satisfied by using it because it feels and taste like a real cigarette, the feeling and the satisfaction from a real cigarette can also be given by an e-cig. It is designed to simulate a real cigarette including the taste of nicotine and tobacco. The e-cig is highly tested to be safe in health because of the alternative use of nicotine. The e-cig uses mild content of nicotine which is harmless compared to a real cigar which uses massive amounts of nicotine by burning a tobacco.

With the use of filtration technology it uses harmless nicotine which is in vapor form that is safe to use without causing diseases. An actual cigarette is used by burning tobacco which smokers inhale, massive amount of nicotine can activate carcinogens that can cause cancer and other ailments like throat diseases. E-cigars burn liquid based nicotine giving the same sensation of smoking a real thing.

The patented Electronic Cigarette can effectively give the same experience to smokers or smoking a real cigar that can effectively reduce their addiction. The best thing about e-cig is that it is safe for the smoker and for the surround people who inhales second hand smokes. Smoking in public can endanger innocent by stander who inhales second hand smoke. It has been proven that it is more dangerous for people who are not smoking from a smoker; they are second hand smokers. Major threat can be transmitted by inhaling second hand smoke which can cause lung cancer and other related diseases.

Electronic cigarette is made exactly like a real smoke. It looks, feels, and tastes like a traditional cigarette, and the only difference is that they function very differently. They give the same amounts of satisfaction to smokers but e-cigs are much more harmless than a real cigarette. E-cigs do not really burn tobacco but instead use liquid based tobacco which can activate your flow censors giving you the essence of smoking a real cigarette.

E-cigs main function is to help smokers quit cigarette and to avoid cancer causing elements which are released in the air that can cause respiratory illnesses. Cigarettes contain glue, tar, hydrocarbons and additives that e-cigs don’t. Knowing this fact makes an e-cig safer and efficient to smoker without endangering their health and other people health.

And there is more, E-cigs are now available with many kinds of flavors ranging from strawberry, cream and more. It is also available to have nicotine strengths varying from strong, mild and medium that can satisfy the taste of smokers. Furthermore, these e-cigs are developed not only to satisfy the smoker but also to keep them safe from developing respiratory diseases even if they smoke.