21st Century Smoke E-Cig Review

Why I switched from Mistic E-Cigs to 21st Century. After trying Nicotek Metro, Blu and establishing Mistic as my brand, I tried 21st Century and liked the fe…

Cable Consumer News reviews fourteen of the top electric cigarettes on the market and explains the benefits of vapor nicotine vs tobacco and informs the publ…
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  1. Fred Martinez says

    howdy eCigarKit com uses quality ingredients and have a reputation for their excellent customer service The electronic cigarette industry is flooded with inferior made smoke juice from overseas; eCigarKit com has the best American made products Give it a try

  2. Leigh Alexander says

    I’ve used these since March, and find them OK, with the following exceptions,,,,,,The cartridges are not always consistent. Some run out long before others. Some are hard to draw, and still, some nearly impossible. The menthol is better imo than the reg. The store runs out of them all the time.

  3. cheapthrillz121 says

    Smoke51.com The best selling ecig on the market and offers the largest discount. Save 30% on your entire purchase at smoke51.com when you use discount code DSC-16155…………

  4. GrassValleyTV says

    Thank you for your comment and the way we judged the brands was by alot of different testing and people so the range sometimes on some might come up different then others. We tested ease of draw, how much smoke, cost, packaging, types of variety to name a few. We liked Green Smoke and their marketing is everywhere so they have alot of followers. We do however recommend “Totally Wicked” as the best brand for almost every catagory.

    Glad to see you on electric instead of ciggarettes!

  5. PimpyC says

    I’ve only used two brands. Smoke 51 and Green Smoke. I have no idea how you rated the Smoke 51 higher than the Green Smoke. I actually tried both around the same time that this was posted so I couldn’t have had improved models, and the Green Smoke blew the Smoke 51 out of the water. When I had the Smoke 51 I thought that I was just going to go back to smoking analogs it was so bad. After that I did my research and settled on Green Smoke. I’ve been enjoying them for over a year now.

  6. bosshogg4life23 says

    i just bought one today too, i started with flushing my 3 last smokes down the toilette but my girlfriend says there was a smell too the vapor so i wanna try the peach flavor, that lady on the interview stupid saying about not trusting the smoke when im pretty shure theres battery acid in ciggarets mabie its cuz she owns a tobbaco store and wants too premote cancer

  7. bfmviluvemoboyz says

    I actually boutght an electronic cigarette yesterday and it honestly does help. It’s not the same satisfaction as a regular cigarette, but it does take the edge off that is needed. After just a day of using an elctronic cigarette I don’t crave it as much nicotineas I did, I can breathe a lot better, and cigarettes now taste awful to me. I would highly recomend one, because your nicotine cravings do go down tramendously in 24 hours. If you have any question just send me a message. Hope it helps!