Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Injector Machine review 2011

i bought this electronic cigarette roller about a month ago and here is my review of this sweet little roller i got it at a local smoke shop you buy the toba…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Product features and demo of the Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine. Save money making your own cigarettes! See it at: http://www.thesmokingsto…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Michael Jones says

    Don’t know how much this little beauty costs looks good but have exactly the same which is made in China and costs £9 guess that’s $14

  2. Shiral Boone says

    I have had this machine for almost 2 years and it is a little work horse. I figured how much money I saved in a year for my husband and I with this machine … over 2 thousand a year. We live in the state of Washington cigarettes are over 7.00 a pack here. With this machine they are 1.50 a pack.

  3. David Strain says

    Looks like a good machine, I think I will get one. Thanks for posting looks like it works well.

  4. dominquewkistl says

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  5. americanroadwarrior says

    Not to mention the fact that you have to inhale fire safe cigarettes faster and more often to keep the cigarette from going out. The real agenda here is to kill smokers faster. Watching hot embers and sparks coming off a “supposed” fire safe cigarette you realize they are “farther” from safe than they were before.

  6. angiepearson says

    I think it works good my first one broke in about 8 months the second one broke in 3 months so can I get my money back or can you send me a new machine Powermatic. remember if you dont take care of your customers they will tell all the people they can how you dont have a warranty and thats not what either of us want?

  7. turnerynicolas says

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  8. RYOCigaretteTobacco says

    Great machine we sell it on our website at a great price…Thanks for sharing..

  9. merlynelukowskiq says

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  10. laurywromaines says

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  11. robert morin says

    I jammed this machine on the fourth try-brand new out of the box. Cost $95. Thinking about returning it.

  12. BearLite says

    Thanks for the demo of this injector! I’m really close to purchasing one and this is the one I’m leaning toward. I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind .

    1. now that you’ve had it for several months, does it still operate as well as it did when you did the video?

    2. I’m sure I read that it does 100mm cigs (I really do not enjoy King sized cigs). It looks like you’re rolling a 100mm … just want to make sure. Does it?

  13. cohocrazy says

    l have owned one for 6 mos now and it isn’t as good as a regular Top-O-Matic. After a couple of months it begins to jam easier and it doesn’t roll as tightly so that you do get cherry bombs more often. You do need to tamp your smoke as soon you take it out, and rolling is hardly faster than the top-o-matic. l like the quality of cigarette l get from the top-o-matic better. lt’s better packed. The Powermatic is a decent machine and easier for the girls, but the quality of smoke is slightly less

  14. MrMoe158 says

    good job with the video man i have the original top-o-matic and i love it