Review of The Fin Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at Walmart

Complete Review of The Fin Starter Kit sold only at Walmart or Sams Club. This Fin Starter Kit is their new model. It is a Two Piece Design eCig as opposed t…

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  1. TheSmokenjoey says

    Hi Eric- fincig makes a couple types– the fin cig is the one bought at Walmart supercenter- and it was a 510 design that worked with blu cig – unless they changed something since i did the review than they should work– thanks

  2. Erik Linder says

    Just bought the fin starter pack and a pack of blu cartridges and they dont work together at all. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. khadafi215 says

    I think the longevity to every e-cig battery out there is about 6-7 months max. Might else well purchase an inexpensive product such as Fin.

    The interchangeable battery of blu product may sound hi-tech but I think it wont last any long.

    As a beginner to e-cig I purchased Fin’s 30 dollar kit straight out of wal-mart without any regret. The product is good even though it say made in china. Bootlegging destroys any product came from there doesnt mean it low quality/.

  4. khadafi215 says

    Thinking about switching to an e- cig smoker. I actually shop around online and was going to purchased Green Smoke ultimate kit, but relying online the refills could be costly and time consuming if you run out of e-juice. I think Walmart Fin’s product much easier to grasp should you runs empty. The battery seems good as presented.

    Thanks for the unbiased review, TheSmokenjoey.

  5. TheWhoLive73 says

    Nice job. I have a question. I have the e-cig brand starter kit it was only $5.95 through there website. I got 5 cartomizers ,one USB,Wall charger and one battery. My question is what other cartomizer brand would fit my e-cigbrand battery. Because e-cig brand gives you the starter kit for $5.95 but every month after they automatically bill you for the cartomizers. Anyway I beat them to there game and now I just want to go to a walmart to buy the cartomizers Could you let me know thank you.

  6. satansstigma says

    The FIN brand @Wal-mart added 2 new strengths; 2.4% BOLD and a 0.8% LIGHT in both flavors.Those are available in a disposable single pack, or a 5 pack of cartomizer replacements. The starter packs still use the 1.6% flavors. I just tried the Bold, and it’s a great little throat hit.

  7. Joe Dokes says

    That is to say, I got 6 months out of the Mistic battery (not heavy use, though) while refilling the carts with JC juice. So at least on that I got my money out of it I think.

  8. Joe Dokes says

    I guess the Fin explains why the Mistic has pretty much vanished, at least at all my local Walmarts. Too bad…I always had good luck with the Mistics but haven’t tried the Fin yet.

  9. D.J. Tanner says

    I just have to wonder if these Fin carts are safe. Unfortunately although I like Fin’s style and I really like the batteries, they are made in china. Damn…

  10. D.J. Tanner says

    Hey Joey, I did some research on the very long named chemicals in the Fin eCigs. Turns out these additives are for flavoring and perfume affects.

  11. TheSmokenjoey says

    HI Charger- I would imagine the ingredient list is really no different from V2 or any other– but i could be wrong– let me know what you find out — thanks dude

  12. D.J. Tanner says

    I just bought the $15.97 starter kit at Walmart, I found that the FIN battery really cranks up the Blu Cig carts! Excellent vapor production. The FIN Carts are another story, read the ingredients of the FIN cartomizers! Looks like some suspicious looking stuff in there. Im no chemist, but if anyone knows about these ingredients please let me know. I’ll admit though I like the hit from FIN Carts.

  13. Brian Mcbee says

    They are in lots of gas stations tried their cartomizer on a ego battery very goor vaper and flavor 15 bucks for 5 cartos they are bigger than blu btw blu and fin are the only cartos ive found that are the standerd 510 and work on hobbie grade vapor batteries like the ego mods ect

  14. rjspurs20 says

    I tried the menthol. Its my favorite. It really is a good product. I bought the starter.

  15. Apples Pears says

    So what you’re saying is I could by a fin battery kit, and then used the blu cartridges because they work together?

  16. TheSmokenjoey says

    The fin is a 510 connection like the joyetech 510 so you can use the clearomizers (510type) or the smoktech cartridges and add your own eliquid. you can also use an atty with cartridge on the fin (just like the joyetech 510) in fact you can use joyetech’s atty adn cartridge or use my clearomizers or smoktech 510 cartridge– all three methods will work on the fin and the joy- if you want all VG then go to johnson creek smoke juice and buy the red oak flavors- they are 100%VG

  17. TheSmokenjoey says

    Hi flwrchdgn– hey atomizers are used with cartridges and a cartomizer is the basically the atomizer and the cartridge in one– it is a one piece design– the attomizer and cartridge are bought seperately and the cartomizer is bought as a one piece– you cannot interchange these two– but I sell blank 510 cartomizers that you can fill with your favorite ejuice if you like or buy clearomizers and fill them- check out my vape shop and click on the Kanger M3 and watch video and read description- th

  18. Robyn Lax says

    i met the owner, hes literally the nicest southern gentleman. handed me 6 of these and a t-shirt. they are so much better than njoy. he told me he tried to set fin apart from the rest so that he can make a unique product. i think he succeeded.

  19. Jason Pincince says

    thanks dude I got a fin starter kit and cant be happier it acctually tastes like a cig I have the mobile pack and its short battery but its good i like it

  20. Leon Rice says

    Don’t give up on the e-cigs my friend. Try an ego by joyetech, with a vivi nova tank on it. I suggest using 24mg drewbacko1 from If you like fruity taste, try the cherrybomb (24mg) from Don’t use the cartridges that come with the e-cig. You need to get the vivi nova tank. It has the strongest vapor, throat hit and taste. This is much better than smoking ever was.

  21. PeanutJohansson says

    lol i live in Northbrook, IL pretty sure its from the Vapor4Life store

  22. Gmoneyqdog says

    Wonderful review, thanks for uploading. The only 2 brands I’ve ever smoked are Winston and Pall Mall, when I heard you make comparison to my brands I decided to buy a Fin starter kit. It’s absolutely the best e cig I’ve ever tried. This is gonna help me quit! Thanks again

  23. flwrchldgn2seed says

    Being new to ecigs, question: I don’t understand the terms atomizer, cartomizer. On the website for FIN, they offer 5 cartomizers for $20/but 15 atomizers for $15 (I think) I have the $30 starter kit which came with 2 batteries, and 3 cartomizers..can I take the cartomizers apart and be able to use atomizers? Any help appreciated/thanks/thanks for the review.

  24. HugeRareCheese says

    Supposed to be two packs. It lasted a few hours before the battery went dead. It didn’t do anything for my nicotine craving. At all.

  25. DesertRidgeline says

    Yeah it’s strange, when I smoke regular cigarettes (and we smoke the cheap stuff, the tobaco they sweep up off the factory floor) I don’t cough at all, but when I use the e-cigs, this brand or blue they make me cough almost every puff. Personally I think it’s the water vapor for me since my chest sort of gets “gurgly” after a while until I cough really hard to clear it, similar to taking a really hot shower for me makes me cough terribly. 

  26. Terry Mace says

    All I got was the audio and no video also you said the Fin equals 2 packs of smokes the web site says 25 smokes was wondering if maybe you grabbed the wrong smoke and maybe got hold of one with THC flavor lol…(just sayin)

  27. MrDeamon1 says

    you want that real smoke feeling and you’re ready to vape, get a joyetech 510 starter kit with kanger cartomizers with a good flavour of your choice, you’ll be amazed, I was.

  28. MrDeamon1 says

    once you make the transition, your lungs start to repair and the coughing stops unless you have a sensitivity to PG. as well, after you stop smoking and you’re just vaping, you don’t want to taste tobacco, it’s purdy gross