@SouthBeachSmoke Supports Wisconsin’s “Don’t Flick It” Campaign

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 09, 2012

Cigarette butts are becoming a problem in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as cigarette smokers have been warned to flick their butts at their own risk, with the Dont Flick It campaign. The City of Green Bay received a $ 2,000 grant from the Keep America Beautiful organization in hopes of cracking down on cigarette butt littering.

The city is planning on increasing the enforcement of Green Bays littering ordinance, which carries a possible fine of $ 500 per violation. Although the goal is to keep the streets cigarette free, the ultimate goal, said Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, is to reduce the number of people who smoke at all.

Cigarette butt littering is a problem all over the United States, and can be reduced or avoided with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are environmentally friendly, and people who smoke them do not find the need to throw matches, cigarette boxes, old lighters, or the main culprit, cigarette butts, on the floor.

Not only are electronic cigarettes environmentally friendly, but they are the better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes contain zero tobacco, zero smoke and zero combustion. They provide the same physical sensation and flavor to a real cigarette, except without all the harmful toxins.

A representative from South Beach Smoke, an electronic cigarette company, commented on the campaign by stating, We are glad to see small steps being taken in communities to eliminate cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are unhealthy for individuals as they are to this planet, and we are happy to see that something is finally being done!

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In July 2010, Wisconsin implemented a statewide ban on smoking in most indoor workplaces. With a South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette, you have the ability to smoke anywhere.

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