1. spicytorpor7754 says

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  2. boobteg4642 says

    Um guy mine is vegetable glycol, nicotine, water, and a little flavoring. Do your research ignorant fuck. Btw none of these are carcenogenic, like the 60+ chemicals that are cancer causing in cigarettes amongst the 4000+ other chemicals. .

  3. Andy B says

    Nicocrap! Hahaha.
    I’m surprised at the number of people that don’t notice the rather… sarcastic tone of the video :D.

  4. wr777 says

    Cigarette taxes have gotten ridiculous. My wife and I save almost $1,995 a year by buying through AAA Tobacco. And the money stays in the hands of small businesses instead of the giant tobacco corporations…

  5. noveltyskateboards says

    LOL obvious troll, is obvious…yet it went right over almost all of your heads?!

  6. 2482bcm98 says

    no joke…i think they are nasty. and they arent proven to be safer not by government standards anyway

  7. deeannavtruexs says

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  8. hickseolgaz says

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  9. ThePianist1770 says

    Yep, I’m sure we’ll see him on tv in some court case on HLN or Nancy Grace one day…

  10. mcnealrgarnettk says

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  11. ConquerChrome says

    They are indeed. IQ lower than around 60 is incapable of recognizing sarcasm. What I find funny about everyone who doesn’t realize, is just how utterly stupid they have just willingly shown themselves to be, publicly.