Are E-Cigs Safer?

You’ve probably seen more and more people puffing away at those electronic cigarettes lately. And as a concept they’re great- smokers weaning themselves off …



  1. E-Cig Consumer Reviews says

    If you are a smoker… smoke a cig and blow it into a paper towel… do the
    same with an ECIG… then make your choice…

  2. ToastedChewlup says

    e-cigs are harmless I’ve been smoking ecigs for a little over a year now..
    the battery is the most dangerous party of them we have found out so far..
    the battery on one occasion has blown up, INJURING someone. the juice aka e
    liquid is made up of 3 ingredients nicotine which is proven to be rather
    good for you in many cases and is not even as sever as the caffeine in
    coffee or soft drinks, vegetable glycerin which is found in most food and
    completely harmless, and the flavoring which often extracts from fruits or
    plants… over all e cigs are not bad and are VERY regulated.. and research
    shows they are 50% more likely to help a smoker get off those nasty cigs!

  3. d0nj03 says

    1. Vaping is far safer than smoking in terms of cancer risk. They’re
    incomparable, there isn’t even a question.
    2. Vaping may be riskier in terms of nicotine overdosing if you’re a
    previous heavy smoker trying to switch to e-cigs, as you may have bad
    self-regulation that may lead you to vape too much liquid that’s too
    strong. I’d say they shouldn’t even sell e-liquid with nicotine
    concentrations above 16 mg/ml (unless it’s an ingredient for home mixing).
    3. That French study only revealed some contamination problems that one
    specific e-liquid producer had, which allowed carcinogens into the liquid
    even though they weren’t supposed to get there. This doesn’t mean all
    producers have such problems, not by a longshot.

  4. Tailsthehacker01 says

    There’s been some reports of people combining water and cannabis oil so
    they can smoke weed in public with E-Cigs.

  5. Jason Kane says

    So it goes like this by the damage you do to yourself:

    1. Hookah
    2. Cigarretes
    3. Vaps

  6. TheBandScanner says

    Most smokers are old timers who won’t change no matter what, should their
    life be made a nightmare in the process of fending off youth from
    starting? Personally I see is as a social issue, more so than one of

  7. Imanol fuentesito says

    I smoke since i was 15,and you know wath i dont want to quit it, im aware
    of its healt harms but i enjoy it and the end of the line to me thats all
    that maters

  8. Jeramey Hager says

    What’s the point, people won’t shut the fuck up about this with all they’re
    reasons of how ecigs are bad. THERE IS NOTHING BAD IN ECIGS. Its healthier
    than smoking. You really think breathing in a burning flame with tons of
    chemicals is healthy? Why are people trying to steer everyone away from a
    healthy alternative??????????? Yes kids find vaping cool and try it. But
    would you rather have your kids vaping or smoking? And either way what YOU
    want doesn’t matter. Kids are going to do it and use it behind your back,
    so you should be happy that they aren’t smoking. 

  9. JustinHuman says

    My wife smoked for 30+ years. About 2 years ago, she switched to Green
    Smoke E-cigs. While I wish she could just quit, being an ex-smoker myself,
    I know it’s not that simple. She had high blood pressure, early warning
    signs of COPD, and a nasty smoker’s cough. Now, her blood pressure is
    perfect, COPD symptoms gone, and the cough is completely gone. That’s all
    proof to me that this particular product is better than regular
    cigarettes. Her favorite part is that she doesn’t smell like an ashtray
    anymore. She actually gets nauseated when she smells a smoker walk by.

  10. XbsnuserX says

    Heres the deal though, vaccines have formaldehyde in them and they are
    administered intramuscularly. So if people are worried about it from ecigs
    then why aren’t they concerned about it in vaccines.

  11. Aaron Ernst says

    To creator xb : Do you know what you are even talking about . And the
    people I know completely kicked the habit & have been off of nicotine for
    over a year now . So the E-cigs are helping people . So do me a favor
    spread your liberalism some where else .