Get a Free Electronic Cigarette: E Cigarettes Have No Harmful Effects On Both Direct and Passive Inhalers Alike

(PRWEB) November 17, 2012

“I think this product is amazing and I just hope more people decide to try it and never look back!” exclaimed Neil regarding his electronic cigarettes.

Just like Neil, hundreds and thousands maybe even millions of people are swearing by the effectiveness of this e cigarette device sweeping up the world by storm.

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Primarily, e cigs were designed to help wean off tobacco smokers from the nasty habit, so that they may be on their way to healthier versions of themselves. There was much doubt and curiosity about this product so boldly promising what other smoking cessation products have failed to it. Several years since it first launched in the global market, however, it does look like it has so far managed to deliver on its promises, and that it is definitely here to stay.

Despite the positive reviews from users, however, there still remains a lot of doubt and questions as to its safety and effectiveness. There is also the issue on its effect on passive inhalers. Although the device is emitting water vapor instead of smoke (which is why it is also known as smokeless cigarettes), it is still yet to be declared conclusively as being safe enough for second-hand vapers.

With tobacco cigarette, it has been concluded that second-hand smoke is just as if not even more dangerous than first-hand smoke. Consumers are therefore bound to ask: can the same be said of these vapor cigarettes?

To address this issue, Utah Vapers pursued a study, otherwise known as the Clearstrem Air study, to determine the real effect of e cigarettes on passive smokers. The conclusion stated that while passive vaping is inevitable with the use of e cigs, the quality and quantity of chemicals released to the environment are by far less harmful for the human health compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.

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Therefore, considering this factor of the liquid vapor not containing harmful ingredients, it goes to follow that passive vaping, or second-hand inhalation of the vapor, yields no danger to those around the direct user.

As it stands, the pursuit for the true benefits and safety of e cigarette use continue to this day. In the meantime, those who are interested to find out the real deal about best electronic cigarette reviews and buy electronic cigarettes may head over to for more information.

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