New Green Smoke Review Explains Why E-Cigarettes Are An Eco-Friendly And Affordable Alternative To Smoking

(PRWEB) November 07, 2012

Smoking is a costly and addictive habit; however, a sustainable and more health conscious replacement for smoking is now available. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes enable users to enjoy the sensation of smoking without the lingering side effects such as cigarette breath or stained teeth. While the appearance of e-cigs mimic their traditional counterparts, smokeless cigarettes contain a vaporizing solution without the unpleasant ash tray odor. Keeping clothes and furniture free from cigarette ash just got easier.

Green Smoke offers a cost-effective alternative to buying a pack of cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes which can range from $ 5-$ 10 per pack depending on location, Green Smoke electronic cigarette cartridges cost a fraction of this price and help reduce physical waste. Now you can save cash and save the environment. Their easy to use e-cig starter kit is another affordable way to try out e-cigarettes without breaking bank.

The switch to electronic cigarettes is simple and easy. Green Smoke offers an ever changing assortment of flavor cartridges for your unique tastes, including Menthol, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, and more. Green Smoke smokeless cigarettes even enable users to select their desired nicotine level. The quantity of nicotine ranges from 0g (not offered by Marlboro) up to 8g (comparable to Marlboro Red.)

Green Smoke makes it hard to say no with their clean alternative smoking experience and money-back guarantee. For more reviews on Green Smoke and a 10% coupon code, visit