Just a quick ( long ) video going over the few tanks I have used and enjoyed / not enjoyed as much. I’ll always be a “dripper” at heart, Dripping with an LR3…
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  1. hopefullyunknown says

    you just rank insanely high among the best informative vaping guys in modern age :)

  2. GrimmGreen says

    Usually right around 2mls , During the week I only get two 15min “vape breaks” so my nicotine consumption goes WAY down

  3. DopeMotivated says

    How many ml of liquid do you go through in a day? I just got my provari mini and I’m using a 3.5 ml dct tank, thinking about ordering a more elaborate tank

  4. Cody Osborn says

    This actually got me to go out to my car and get my smoktech dct. Ahhhh the good life!!!