Vapor Corp. Announces its New Electronic Cigarette Tankomizer

(PRWEB) September 26, 2012

Vapor Corp announces the new VaporX electronic cigarette tankomizer. Also known as a clearomizer, the tank delivery system works very similar to a traditional electronic cigarette clearomizer. It uses a specially designed atomizing chamber with E-Juice tanks that can hold over 1.6 ML of E liquid. That represents more than double the capacity of a traditional electronic cigarette cartomizer. This new electronic cigarette clearomizer fits VaporX models including the VaporX XL and the VaporX XRT.

This new product is the best Electronic Vaporizer clearomizer to vape E-juice. It can hold any oil including herbal and essential oils. The clear tank measuring scale lets the consumer see the amount of E-juice/oil remaining in the clearomizer. The unique heating atomizer element in the chamber heats up the substance and distributes it properly.

These new clearomizers come in variety of colors so the ultimate personal style can be achieved while vaping with the best electronic cigarettes batteries on the market. If the consumer is looking to fill the clearomizer with their own favorite E-juice, our blank clearomizers provide the best delivery system so the perfect vaping masterpiece can be achieved.

Viewing the inside of the tank, there is a silver rod covered with a silicone cap and extending from that cap are two short wicks with the atomizer on the bottom. These new clearomizers are very simple to fill and they provide plenty of vaping time between refills making them the easiest, longest lasting, most efficient vaping experience to date. If the consumer already owns a vaporizer, then no adjustments need to be made from the old clearomizer to the new clearomizer.

How to fill the VaporX clearomizer.

First unscrew the mouthpiece tip from the electronic cigarette clearomizer. Secondly, Fill the 1.6 ML clearomizer by tilting the clearomizer at a slight angle and dripping the E-juice down the inside wall against the outer wall of the clearomizer. Be sure not to drip the E-liquid into the center tube as it will leak out the bottom of clearomizer. Be sure to have a towel or any absorbent piece of cloth handy in case it leaks. Afterwards, Screw the tip back on the clearomizer. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the E-juice to feed into the coil before it vapes. Roll the clearomizer back and forth in the hands to help spread the E-juice around in the chamber. Finally, just screw on the electronic cigarette battery device and its ready to vape.

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