Bull Smoke Review Just Released By Electronic Cigarette Reviews Website iknowecigs.com Breaks Down The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Murfreesboro, TN (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

Bull Smoke review by iknowecigs.com says, “Bull Smoke is a well publicized electronic cigarette brand, that is known for its vapor production.” Bull Smoke is located in Fernley, Nevada and has been on the e cigarette market for at least over a year. BullSmoke.com offers electronic cigarettes that are known for their convincing look and feel in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Bull Smoke ecigs are a 2 piece design electronic cigarette that offers smokers not only a authentic look of a regular cigarettes but also simplicity in use.

Bull Smoke offers 2 different electronic cigarette starter kits on BullSmoke.com. They have the Ranch Hand and City Slicker starter kit, both come with 2 batteries, wall charger, USB charger, and 10 Cartridges. As of right now these kits are priced at 74.95 but with Bull Smoke coupon code iknowecigs consumers can save 15% and knock the price down to $ 63.75. The only difference in the kits are what flavor / strength cartridges that come with them, and color of batteries. The City Slicker comes with all 10 flavors at 18mg with black batteries. The Ranch Hand comes with 2 flavors at 3 different strengths (24mg, 18mg, 12mg) and white batteries.

Bull Smoke offers 10 different flavor cartridges in 5 different nicotine levels. Flavors range from tobacco to grape and cost $ 11 per 5 pack after discount. All cartridges come individually sealed in a pharmaceutical grade blister pack, so freshness is locked in and the filters have no expatriation date. Bull Smoke does offer a Certified Lifetime Warranty on all their charging devices, and a full 1 year warranty on lithium-ion batteries. Customers of Bull Smoke dont have to hassle with waiting around for batteries to come in with this warranty. If a product is bad or defective its as simple as sending and email to Bull Smoke and they will immediately send out a replacement.

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