MK Shop Is Ready to Carry an Electronic Cigarette Cartridge, MK C6

(PRWEB) August 16, 2012

New electronic cigarette online store, MK Shop, is ready to carry an electronic cigarette cartridge, MK C6, which is an E-Cigarette Starter cartridge, has everything you need for an extraordinary e-smoking experience.

Mr. James, CEO of MK Industry, said, MK C6 has everything you need for an extraordinary e-smoking experience. E-Cigarette is an exciting new technology that offers cigarette smokers an alternative that is free of tar and other harmful chemicals while offering a complete experience of smoking. MK may be one of best electronic cigarettes.

Not only do we have the best e-cigars on the market today, we also have a great environment. Our store is more of a lounge where consumers have the option to come in and try our product quickly or they can relax and take their time. Upon inhalation, the atomizer of an electronic cigarette turns the liquid nicotine into vapor filtering of any health degrading carcinogenic substance present in it. Stated Mr. James.

Here are the details of the MK C6 cartridge


Product Size 116mm (L) *9. 2mm (D)

Weight 30g

Switch model Manual/ Auto

Voltage 2.5~4.5v

Charge time 2~2.5 hours

Battery life 300 times

Battery capacity 180mAh

Full battery can keep 250puffs

A tank cartridge Around 180puffs


1. Multi-flavor rotating e cigarette

2. Portable, convenient, no flammable

3. Aluminum foil sealed carts, which makes guarantee period longer and carts healthier

4. No ignition and no fire burning danger

5. Save 80% smoking cost each year

Mr. James added, We have a great product line, and E-Time M6 may be the best disposable electronic cigarette in the industry. We believe in our product line so much, in fact, that we back everything we sell with a lifetime warranty. Now, we offer e-cigarette coupons to all customers.

About MK Industry

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