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Electronic cigarette s (also known as smokeless cigarettes and electric cigarettes) are the newest product on the market. It s only contain water vapour, nicotine and flavorings. It s emit harmless vapor and no noxious smelling smoke, giving you more flexibility to smoke when you need to using new technology! Electronic cigarette s are about the best thing that has ever happened to smoking, seriously, think about it.

Electronic cigarettes like, smoketip are giving people more choices than ever. It s are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of a flavored liquid, with or without nicotine, and s not only protect your health against carcinogens and save you money, they also come with cartridges in a variety of delicious flavors that you can experiment with. It s are amazing and they can really help you quit smoking, but if you choosing a wrong product, it would just be a waste of money. Electronic cigarette s usually have an LED light on the front that lights up when the user draws. It s are different from other nicotine replacement therapies in that they look and feel like a cigarette, taste like a smoke, but they do not have any of the carcinogens in them that a cigarette has!

Electronic cigarette Reviews has picked 5 of the top producers and top selling products to review for you. It s about your most recent experience with us am hi izzy, i m sorry to hear. It s are a good method by which to take pleasure in the sensation of smoking without even one of the harmful and noxious side effects, and s allow users to get their nicotine fix without being exposed to the cancer-causing agents found in traditional cigarettes such as hydrocarbons, tar and many other harmful additives. Electronic cigarette s also do not come with the problem of second hand smoke. It safety is knowing that this heats up and could get hot.

Electronic cigarette s still contain nicotine, which irritates the respiratory system , and s are smoking replacement products, not cessation products. It s run on a battery. It is a device that is smokeless and yet gives the pleasures of smoking to the users. Electronic cigarette is just like regular tobacco-filled cigars minus the toxins of regular cigarette, and s do not produce secondhand smoke.

Electronic cigarette s are work with the micro-electronics. It s don’t produce the usual traditional chemicals that are carcinogenic and that consequently cause cancer.

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All about electronic cigarettes

The newly advertised Electronic Cigarettes are a great new way to promote healthy smoking. Although many smokers enjoy the sensation of inhaling cigarette smoke, the effects that the smoke is having on that persons body are detrimental to their health. Thats where the electronic cigarette comes in. This device can offer you the exact same feeling from both inhaling its vapour to the comfort of actually holding a cigarette. Inside an electrical cigarette lies an extremely clever piece of equipment called an atomizer. It is here that the cartridge gets heated up, warming the liquid, creating a vapour which will travel in and around the cigarette just like a normal cigarette. This allows the user to recreate the sensation of real smoke without causing harm to themselves or anybody that is around them.

As new laws have come about in to many countrys across the world regarding the use of cigarettes in public places, this electronic device does not fall into the same catergory as normal cigarettes, so the use of these are legal. When the cigarette is being used, the tip of the cigarette will light up, indicating that the atomizer is in sufficient working order. This light up tip also shows whether or not your cigarette needs to be charged. The process of charging your cigarette is also very easy. The battery end of the electric cigarette will attach onto a USB device which will fit into any USB slot on a computer, there is a light which will indicate when your cigarette is fully charged and ready to be used again. In regards to changing the filter, the smoke will simply become less and less, this is when you can think about adding a new filter to create suffucuent smoke again.

Choosing this healthier way towards smoking not only saves your health, but saves your bank balance as well. Cigarettes are so expensive these days that you can end up spending an absolute fortune every week. Yet the new electronic cigarette will cost you a one of price for the actual device, then the refills containing as many as 60 cigarettes, (depending on the amount you smoke) which costs less than a 20 deck of normal cigarettes. Both these reasons are more than enough to make you want to convert away from real cigarettes.

Since this new concept has come on to the market, the craze for them has increased incredibly. Once people see how much better this way of smoking can be for themselves and the people around them, no longer will other family members or friends need to passive smoke when they are around you. The vapour doesnt smell and does not linger like real smoke does. So no more smelly clothes plus fresh breath! Plus being able to use your electronic cigarette in any inclosed public place without breaking the law means that you will not offend anybody around you while you contain your smoking habit. If you decide that you would like to purchase one of these electronic cigarettes there are many different version ands makes to choose from, all harbouring the same effectiveness towrads smoking.


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Well its long and i’m sorry but it is what it is!! After this video you should know everything you need to at least to get started and know where you want to take your vaping! I hope you enjoy it and I will put in links of where to get everything!

My best recommendation for the easiest and cheapest way to get a great quality vape right here on ebay!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Authentic-Kanger-Mini-Protank-3-Kit-1-Twist-VV-1300-Mah-Battery-3-Extr-/111435140102?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19f20d4c06

My Recommendation for beginners and links to get it!

Genuine Joye Ego Twist http://www.vaporalley.com/Genuine-JoyeTech-eGo-Twist-900-mAh-Battery_p_281.html Rick here at Vapor Alley is Awesome and is there to help!

if you want the bigger cheapest best mod go for the Vamo V5 stainless Steel
here: http://www.vaporalley.com/Vamo-V5_p_710.html

If you want a warmer vape go with the new dual coil vivi nova tanks right

If you prefer a cooler vape then go for this bottom coil tank that is fantastic its the Kanger Pro Tank Here: http://www.myvaporstore.com/Kanger_Protank_2_p/krpt2-k.htm

I recommend maybe eventually getting both the vision vivi nova dual coil and pro tank to help you decide what you like. top coil or bottom coil warm or cool! And that is all you need!! A Joye Ego Twist, Charger, Vivi Nova dual coil, and or Kanger ProTank2. You don’t need anything else and the vape is TERRIFFIC! Oh yeah don’t forget your juice links below. If you ever are curious about a juice, just google “What is the best “______” Eliquid??” Just put whatever flavor you are looking for in the blank to get a good one. Not all juices are created equal. Sometimes youll get a flavor from the wrong vendor and you are not happy but that does not mean a good one doesn’t exist from the right vendor. You don’t really need cartos, to drip, etc In todays vaping world all you need is what I mentioned above. But down the line if you want to experiment and you get into this as more ofa hobby then the links below will get you the other stuff!

For Some Juices! www.shopcoppercreek.com

The J-Tank Carto Tank http://www.electronicstix.com/products/5-5ml-j-tank

The Cisco HH357 Dripping Atomizer http://www.avidvaper.com/products/HH.357-Cisco-Spec-Hybrid-510-Atomizer.html

Genuine boge Cartos http://www.avidvaper.com/categories/Cartomizers/Genuine-Boge-Cartomizers/ there is a good carto punch tool listed there as well if your interested! Otherwise a saddle valve from your hardware store will do fine!

The 801 Fusion carto if your interested but not necessary. Just good ole boge 510s are all you need. Remember more resistence or ohms, more volts! Less is less more is more! If you have a standard ego or one battery mod then you are at 3.7 volts. So go for low rez would be my recommendation for more vape and hit. https://www.ikenvape.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=801FUZE
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