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Smoking is part of the most of our lives. We smoke for different reasons like to become popular among the group or just a hobby or to fight the coldness of the weather. There is a change in the flavors of the cigarette, now there are flavors such as chocolate, menthol, strawberry and so on. Even the practice of smoking changes, from pipes, cigars, to the white colored sticks that we used today and recently the electronic cigarette. The culture of smoking tries to adapt to the lives of the people through the years.

What is the electronic cigarette? What makes it different from the ordinary kind of cigarette? The electronic cigarette is also known as e-cigarette or personal vaporizer. It was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese medical practitioner, in 2003 in his homeland China. It is a piece of equipment powered by a battery that gives inhaled dose of nicotine, an alkaloid found in the family of nightshade plants and creates almost 0.6-3.0% of dry weight of tobacco, or non-nicotine substance. The difference of e-cigarette from the traditional smoked tobacco products such as pipes and cigars, aside from its shape and composition is that there are no smoke and fire produced when using this device; however it gives the same feeling to the body and the flavor of inhaled smoke of tobacco.

The process of using the personal vaporizer is easy. Earlier when a person inhaled through the device, the user is used to press the button of the e-cigarette to heat the nicotine solution. With some improvements in the modern automatic models while breathing in through the device, the user will not have to press any button instead the air is detected by the sensor and it immediately release the vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine solution. Recently, in most models sold today, a LED or light-emitting diode is now placed at the end of both sides of the tool. This will instantly served as a detector for the device to heat the nicotine solution and release the vaporized form.

Since the electronic cigarette does not contain smoke, different companies claimed that it is ideal to use inside restaurants and clubs. It will not make people uncomfortable and you will not harm other by passive smoking. It also lessens the probability of causing fire or any disastrous explosions because the device will not create flames but there is a heating element inside the device and this will vaporize the nicotine solution. Now, you can smoke in gas stations or inside your home knowing that you are not bothering anyone or cause catastrophe. To get the deal any better, they also come in different flavors, like menthol, vanilla, chocolate, and so on, which will make the transition from the ordinary cigarette to these modern devices without a sweat.

Electronic cigarette is the new “it” thing for people nowadays because of their stylish looks and benefits that it can give to people. You do not have to worry about buying cigarette packs whenever you are out of stock. You can just charge the batteries of the e-cigarettes or refill the cartridge with nicotine solution. It’s practical and favorable to use not only to you but to others also.

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Smokestik Electronic Cigarette Review

Quitting smoking can be the hardest habit to stop and a most important one at that. Have you ever told yourself that you need to quit? Well maybe you don’t have to. Why have you tried to quit before? For most people it isn’t the nicotine, it’s the carbon monoxide and thousands of chemicals that pollute your lungs and stain your teeth. Did you know that it’s possible to smoke without those harmful pollutants?

I want to shed some light on a company called SmokeStik. With everybody ditching the smoking section in today’s world, SmokeStik is doing their part to help out. SmokeStik provides a clean alternative to traditional cigarettes. SmokeStik offers an electronic cigarette that is free of tar, carbon monoxide, and other cancer-causing elements. You can smoke these electronic cigarettes pretty much anywhere. You can even smoke in no smoking zones with your SmokeStik’s Electronic Cigarettes!

Well if you are still reading I’m guessing you are interested. So why SmokeStik as opposed to other electronic cigarette companies?

For starters you get all the health benefits. It may not be approved by the FDA, but hey it’s still a cigarette. You get clean nicotine. You completely eliminate the tar, carbon monoxide, and the rest of the 1,000’s of chemicals involved with traditional cigarettes.

How much money do you spend on cigarettes? With the rising prices these days, I’m sure you put out a pretty penny quite often. In this fallen economy you really need to compare the prices. You could potentially be saving upwards toward 75% by switching to SmokeStik’s electronic cigarettes.

Here is one of the big differences when it comes to smoking traditional cigarettes to smoking Luci’s electronic cigarettes. You can become a distributor for SmokeStik. So you get the best electronic cigarette available, AND you get to make money from selling them. How much better does it get?

Have you ever wanted to do your part to help make this a better world? You can do this here. These cigarettes are making this world a better place. Everything that could cause your veins to clog and your lungs to blacken have been completely removed from the picture. The main ingredient here is actually water. Water mixes with the nicotine to give you a great smoke. You don’t even have to worry about fire hazards because there is NO fire involved! Can you imagine? Plus, you can smoke in non-smoking areas such as hospitals, airports, and restaurants.

By switching to SmokeStik, your saving your life, your environment, and even your paycheck. Consider the folks you are around the most that wish you didn’t always smell like an ashtray. With a variety of flavors to choose from SmokeStik is a highly recommended electronic cigarette manufacturer.

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