Holiday Shopping From a First Aid Company? Says, “Absolutely.”

Tarzana, CA (PRWEB) November 23, 2011

There’s no shortage of great gift offerings this season, as advertisements come rolling into our spam boxes and our minds begin to swirl with ideas for the holidays. Staples, Sony, Sears, Amazon and Overstock seem to dominate the day, but theres still room for this little-known company.

Theres nothing quite as unique as a gift from First Aid Global Wholesale, says Eddie Galvan, CEO of First Aid Global. We’ve chosen distinctive items from our Solar Power and Emergency Preparedness Catalogs, and we’re offering them at a huge discount.

From Goal Zero, an adventure company out of Utah, comes the ‘Steamer’ 12-volt Beverage Heater that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. There’s the ‘Lighthouse’ USB Power Hub Crank Lantern, that can recharge your phones and other devices and can be recharged itself with just a few cranks of the handle. Also in the lighting department is the ‘Torch’ Solar and Crank Light, an LED Flashlight and powerful Work-Light that can be recharged by the Sun or by Cranking. And then comes the ‘Travel Power Kit’ which includes the Rock-Out Stereo Speakers, Nomad 7 Solar Panel and the Guide 10 USB Battery Pack. It can recharge your iPhone, iPad and iPod, as well as any electronic device that uses a USB or cigarette lighter power source – using nothing but the Sun.

First Aid Globals [ Black Friday Sale also has items for shoppers looking for a more considerate gift of preparedness and safety: the pocket-sized Smoke Escape Hood for fire evacuation; the ‘Preparedness Survival Backpack’ with 3 days food and water; the ‘Emergency Pet Kit’ for dogs or cats; and the ‘Auto Emergency Kit’, the perfect roadside companion for safe travel.

We have customers who love the Travel Power Kit for its compact and useful design, Eddie continues. They take it on the plane when they travel to Europe because you never know if your devices match up with European power sources. But my favorite is The Steamer Beverage Heater. I just hate a cold cup of coffee!

First Aid Global is a full-service First Aid, Safety and Emergency Preparedness company in Tarzana, CA that has been in business 15 years restocking First Aid Cabinets, Safety Gear and Food Service Gloves and servicing Eye Wash Stations as well as providing CPR and AED Training. Their line of Earthquake Preparedness Kits have expanded to include customers in all 50 states, including disaster preparedness for tornados, hurricanes, fire and smoke escape, and emergency blackouts or power failures on their new website For more information, visit their wholesale website at or call them toll free at 866-305-1753.


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Try New Products from a Contemporary Electronic Cigarette Company

electronic cigarette company
by jurvetson

Electronic cigarettes are a great smoking cessation aid or even a good option if you are tired of the smell and taste of regular cigarettes and need a break. Nowadays, many an electronic cigarette company has flooded the market with the best and latest products to aid you to quit smoking regular cigarettes for good. Non offensive, smoke free, smell free and ash free, electric cigarettes of today look and feel almost like regular cigarettes without the many dangers of one. Electronic cigarettes come in nicotine and nicotine free versions and allow you to inhale while only exhaling harmless water vapor.

Today thanks to the rising demand among smokers looking to quit their tough habit or those wanting a safer alternative, electronic cigarette companies now sell great varieties of different kinds of electric cigarettes, to suit different budgets and tastes. On a basic level you will get starter kits, cigarettes with different levels of nicotine or no nicotine, refill cartridges for more value etc. In fact you can even buy electronic cigars and pipes nowadays that look very similar to the real deal! For those who want to try a smoke-free cigarette you could even go in for the disposable option that some companies manufacture which last for a limited amount of time and come in tobacco or menthol flavors.

For those looking for a little something more and want to have a little fun with it, you can now find electronic cigarettes that come in a vast range of flavors like blueberry, chocolate, cherry, coffee, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, caramel, peach and Irish cream, apart from the regular tobacco and menthol flavors! You can even get cigarette batteries or rather the body of the electric cigarette in a chic range of colors, themes and prints and get your very own custom designed product as well. If you are planning on getting rid of the problematic conventional cigarette smoking habit, why not have a little fun along the way.

If you are wondering which electronic cigarette company has the right products for you, think about what you really need from the product. For some it is finding an alternative that looks very much like a regular cigarette to wean them off the habit, for some it is finding an electric cigarette that gives you a strong enough dose of nicotine, for another it could be finding an alternative that looks interesting too. So make your purchase depending on what you need to get ready to kick the habit. You will find great electronic cigarette companies online today which have an extensive list of products and their descriptions to help you choose. Some even offer a 30 day money back policy and free shipping for your convenience.

Electronic cigarettes are a great smoking cessation aid or even a good option if you are tired of the smell and taste of an electronic cigarette company has flooded the market with the best and latest products.

Electronic Cigarettes Company Announces a 48 Hour 48% Off Sale

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 14, 2011

South Beach Smoke, a leading electronic cigarette company, has announced a 48-hour 48% Off sale that offers their Premium and Deluxe electronic cigarette starter kits for an amazing 48% Off for 48 hours. The contest is slated to begin Wednesday September 14th at 10 AM and is expires Friday September 16th at 10 AM. The company released a statement today explaining their reason for providing such a huge offer:

This 48% Off deal is designed to simply get the word out about South Beach Smoke. There are a lot of electronic cigarette companies popping up here and there, but South Beach Smoke has been in the business for a lot longer than most and deserves huge industry attention. We also know that when customers experience our superior product and quality Customer Service, they will likely join our community of satisfied South Beach Smoke Members. To redeem the 48% off deal use coupon code SMOKE48 at checkout.

According to South Beach Smoke, the sale is being offered for all electronic cigarette starter kits but can also be used on any and all products including their electronic cigarette starter kits, cartridges which come in multiple flavors (tobacco, vanilla, cherry, menthol and chocolate) and their accessories which include carrying case, wall charger, USB charger and more. As stated before, customers must use coupon code SMOKE48 at checkout to redeem their 48% off deal at South Beach Smoke.

South Beach Smoke has been in the news lately for its BBB accreditation and multiple celebrity endorsements. Their electronic cigarette starter kits have been leading products in the electronic cigarette industry for over a year. Celebrity endorsements include Entourages Jerry Ferrarra (A.K.A. Turtle) who was quoted stating These things are going to save my life, and Trace Cyrus (Miley Cyrus brother) who openly endorsed the product to be more considerate to his now pregnant celebrity girlfriend Brenda Song.


The Electronic Cigarette Company – Electronic Cigarette & Disposable Cigar

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Joyetech eVic MVR_software_installation@The Electronic Cigarette Company

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Electronic Cigarette Company JoyeCig Now Selling JoyeTech eCab Changeable Atomizer Battery Kits

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

JoyeCig, a company that features JoyeTech electronic cigarettes, has just added another product to its inventory.

JoyeCig recently began selling the JoyeTech eCab Changeable Atomizer Battery Kits. The battery is an easier and more convenient version of New Tank Changeable System Electronic Cigarette.

The JoyeCig company, which also recently launched a new website, sells a wide variety of the JoyeTech line of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Over the past several years, this form of cigarette has helped many users to quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes Company Offering Big Cyber Monday Deal

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) November 28, 2011

South Beach Smoke, a leading provider of electronic cigarettes, is widely considered to be one of the most affordable brands available. However, the company is taking one step further by providing a site-wide 15% off discount for Cyber Monday. The standard electronic cigarette starter kit is priced between $ 80 and $ 100. South Beach Smoke offers their Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for as low as $ 59.99. Their Cyber Monday offer drops that price by 15% (thats half the price competitors offer for their starter kits). Of course, this is a one-day offer which explains the incredible deal.

The Coupon Code is: CYBERMONDAY and can be used at checkout for 15% Off all products including the popular Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

Electronic cigarettes are handheld electronic devices that flash vaporize a liquid nicotine solution producing vapor instead of smoke. They have grown in popularity over the last couple years as more and more people find them to be a better option than smoking traditional cigarettes. They have no tar, no smoke, no ash, and are odorless. They can be used indoors and nearly all public places.