Ex-smoker hopes e-cigarette business can help others quit

Ex-smoker hopes e-cigarette business can help others quit
Recently, he decided to open his own e-cigarette store in downtown East Dundee. Located at 10 E Main St., Vapor Haus Dundee offers a variety of e-cigarette products and supplies. Visitors can try vaping for free with Slota's trained staff. E-cigarettes …
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Abilene City Council votes to ban e-cigarette sales to minors
All of us that work in the e-cig industry already agreed that we did not want to sell to minors," said Michael McGough, manager at an Abilene store that supplies e-cigarettes. "Our store already has a policy of not selling to minors, which is what they …
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Vaping stores are gaining popularity
An e-cigarette retail franchise called Palm Beach Vapors based in Oklahoma is looking to open some stores in Lexington in the near future. Co-founder Chip Paul said the vaping industry is booming, but it needs more regulation, especially concerning …
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E-cigarette ban takes effect in Fort Collins Saturday

E-cigarette ban takes effect in Fort Collins Saturday
The law, passed by the city council on Tuesday, bans e-cigarettes anywhere conventional smoking is prohibited as well. Also, all hotel and motel rooms in the city will have to become 100 percent smoke-free. Previously 75 percent of rooms had to be …
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Local college campuses to be mostly smoke-free by this week
The policies, which ban cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and, in some cases, electronic cigarettes, are aimed at creating a healthier environment, cutting down on exposure to secondhand smoke and, in the case of public colleges, abiding by a …
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Sowder: More smoking restrictions on way to City Council
In 2003, Fort Collins was one of the first communities in the state to designate bars, restaurants and workplaces as smoke-free. The city's smoking … As of Saturday, the use of electronic smoking devices (also known as e-cigarettes, hookah pens, etc …
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