The Breakthrough of Electronic Cigarette

Refillable electronic cigarettes are the newest breakthrough in the smoking industry. It is the most realistic thing to tobacco smoking. Smokers can now rejoice because this innovation is the key answer to aiding one’s addiction to smoking that usually comes along with health risks such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, emphysema, and other chronic lung diseases. Tobacco cigarettes contain 4000 cancer causing chemicals and at least 400 toxic substances, while refillable electronic cigarettes save you from all these harmful additives. Plus, it is definitely allowed in “No Smoking” areas because it does not produce second hand smoke. The refillable electronic cigarettes have two parts, the bottom part contains micro-electronic technology and a rechargeable battery, and the top part which is the shorter one, contains the cartridge. The bottled liquid usually called e juice may contain little amount of nicotine, it is still way less harmful compared to tobacco cigarettes, making a great appeal  to chain smokers because refillable electronic cigarettes mimic regular smoking by the little amount of nicotine they deliver.  Refillable electronic cigarettes’ smoke is harmless because it only produces vapor that evaporates in seconds.

The e juice is used to produce vapors in e cigarettes. The mist smoke is similar to the one emitted by nebulizers or vaporizers. The e juice has different standard levels of nicotine; it has different strengths depending on your preference. There is also a nicotine-free e juice if you wish to completely kick away nicotine from your life. There is also a “Do it yourself” e juice, in which you could be able to adjust the ingredients and flavor of your own choice. E-juice offers a variety of fruity tastes. E-juice formulation only contains little amount of carcinogenic elements called nitrosamines. You could also decide to lower down the intake of nicotine because it offers different standard levels. E-juice also offers different flavor strength for consumers to be able to choose the intensity that they prefer. E-juice is composed of propylene glycol, pure water, glycerol, tobacco flavor, and nicotine. There is a wide variety of flavors of e-juice to choose from. E-juice also offers a selection of flavor strength, depending on your preference.

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