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HANBIT Joins Electronic Cigarette Industry

(PRWEB) October 04, 2012

According to IECMA (International Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Association), on Sep.19, 2012, HANBIT FLAVOR & FRAGRANCE, Korea’s largest tobacco essence perfume company, announced its entering into the electronic cigarette industry. Judo Tank, in charge of HANBIT’s Chinese market, has visited top level electronic cigarette manufacturers like KIMREE, JSB, and JOYETECH on Sep. 20, to negotiate cooperation issues on e-liquid.

IECMA reported that American largest cigarette essence perfumery TTI has announced to enter the electronic cigarette industry in late August, and Japanese second largest essence company T.HASEGAWA has joined the electronic cigarette industry in early September.

“Since Canada, USA and some other countries published laws to ban fragrance additive in tobacco products, the tobacco essence perfume industry faces a much stricter regulation. Especially in a traditional hybrid cigarette market, including the US, Western Europe, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan, bans on additives force flavors and fragrance companies to open up new markets. Undoubtedly, the fast development of electronic cigarette brings them chances. No wonder tobacco essence companies like TTI, T.HASEGAWA, and HANBIT announce to enter the electronic cigarette industry.” said Thomas, the chief analyst of IECMA.

When talking about Judo Tank’s visit to KIMREE, JSB, and JOYETECH, Thomas said, “KIMREE, JSB, and JOYETECH are the best electronic cigarette manufacturers. These factories have a comparatively long history, sophisticated production technology and advanced inspection equipment. And KIMREE has created many projects to inspect electronic cigarettes. It’s at the first stage that traditional tobacco essence companies enter the electronic cigarette industry, and the key step will have a critical influence on future development. Only the powerful combination with the best electronic cigarette manufacturers like KIMREE, JSB, and JOYETECH can guarantee their success.”

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