USA E-Liquid / E-Cig Sale Opens First USA E-Liq Outlet Store

Rancho Cucamonga, California (PRWEB) December 05, 2013

USA E-Cig Company has open its first Wholesale Outlet store at 10241-A Trademark Street, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730. The days & hours will be from Monday – Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Their prices on e-liquid will be the lowest in the Inland Empire. For example, 10ML bottle of E-liquid is less than $ 1.00. For the first 1,000 customers, they will give away free e-liquid.

E-Cig Company is the pioneer of Electronic Cigarette products and E-liquids. In 2012, they opened up their USA Company, specializing in manufacturing e-liquid and distributing to the wholesale and retail companies. Their webpage,, was launched in February 2013. Since then, they have experience growth on a monthly basis. One reason is because of the low wholesale prices. Bases can be purchased online for as little as $ 23.99 a gallon.

For more information about E-Cig Company go to Contact: Karen Buck, Executive Manager 909-483-2196 Email: Karen(at)e-cig(dot)com.

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Learning About The Components Of E-Cigarettes: E-Liquid, Atomizers, and More

e cigarette atomizer
by ChrisCosta77


 If you’ve been thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, you’re joining a large number of people who are doing the exact same thing. While smoking electronic cigarettes may not be as cut and dry as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, most smokers are finding that when they do switch, the little bit of extra effort they had to put into finding electronic cigarette supplies like e-liquid or starter e cigarette kits was entirely worth it, as they benefit from smoking e-cigarettes from a health standpoint, a quality of life standpoint, and also find others pleased with their decisions.

Most smokers buy e cigarette kits when they’re first starting out. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, most smokers don’t find the brand or style they’re going to smoke based off of what their friends or family have, as there are so many different options when it comes to each piece of electronic cigarettes that it’s really up to the smoker as to what kind of supplies they use, such as the flavor and strength of e-liquid, and what kind of e cigarette kits they want to use. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, where smokers are basically presented with just a few main options: filter, non-filter, menthol, non-menthol, light, mild, or full flavor, picking out e-liquid, e cigarette kits, e-cartridges, and things like atomizers is a bit more of a challenge. Additionally, most smokers who buy e cigarette kits are already smokers, so they already know what strength of nicotine they want their e-liquid to be, what flavor they want in e-liquid, and also how much money they want to spend on e-cigarettes, thus affecting the kind of e cigarette kits they’ll buy or how much they’ll need of certain things, like e-liquid. Also, smokers will have to learn about the different components and what the pros and cons of each are, such as what 510 atomizers are and why they’re so popular among smokers, or why some smokers like to purchase e cigarette kits that include refillable e-liquid cartridges versus disposable cartridges. All of  these options are presented with e cigarette kits, and the options are quite different than when one starts smoking tobacco cigarettes.

If you’re considering something like 510 atomizers, knowing what others have to say is helpful. First of all, atomizers are responsible for soaking up the e-liquid that’s in the cartridge, and then a heating element turns the liquid into a vapor. 510 atomizers are popular because they have a long life span, causing smokers to spend less on replacing them, and 510 atomizers also have a strong ‘throat hit’, meaning 510 atomizers are more like smoking a full flavored cigarette.

Once you learn the options surrounding e-cigarettes, you’ll eventually find what you prefer best, and find that it’s just like buying your first pack of cigarettes all over again…

Visit to find the e-cigarettes you want! Choose from a great selection of supplies like flavored e-liquid and 510 atomizers, enjoying the best products you can buy for electronic cigarettes! Just getting started and buying them for the first time? Then check out the starter e-cigarette kits, offered at an amazing price with prompt shipping and great service! Stop by today to get everything you need for e-cigarettes!

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Electronic Cigarettes with E-Liquid Used as Alternative to Smoking

electronic cigarette with liquid
by marsmet511

A lot of smokers have been a slave to the smoking habit for 10, 20, 30 years or more and have a hard time breaking the cycle. There are those who just can’t get past the desire to hold that cigarette in their hand. Other methods of cutting down or quitting just are not the same as holding and puffing on a cigarette. Yes they work for a great number of people, and that’s fantastic; but what about those who really don’t want to quit or are having a hard time quitting? They can now buy electronic cigarettes, as well as the E-Liquid used with them for a smokeless cigarette. They are a safer, less expensive alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

When you buy electronic cigarettes they come in various starter kits with all you need to change your smoking habit. You can choose from a variety of options when you buy electronic cigarettes, as well as the refills of the E-Liquid used with the system. These are available in different levels of nicotine and flavors, including a 0mg nicotine option if you so choose. This might be a great option for a person who is just having a hard time with the habit of having a cigarette after a meal, or first thing in the morning.

When you choose to buy electronic cigarettes combined with the E-Liquid used with them, the majority of the addictive properties of tobacco cigarettes are no longer present. The culprits causing the health and environmental issues are no longer factors in the equation. People can cut down on the level of nicotine in the E-Liquid used with their refill cartridges in a planned method until they reach 0mg. Once that level is reached, they can decide to continue with the 0mg E-Liquid, or they can stop all together.

This is an overall safer, healthier and environmentally considerate alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, the most important person to benefit is the person who makes the decision to buy electronic cigarettes, and the E-Liquid used with them.

There is no longer a need to worry about spreading toxins around, or inhaling them into your lungs when you buy electronic cigarettes. The vapor emitted by the e-cigs is not smoke; therefore, there is no secondhand smoke surrounding your loved ones. Your clothes will not stench of smoke; and you will be saving your health and your money.

So when you’re ready to switch or at least try an e-cigarette you’re best bet is to visit for the best prices. You’ll save a lot of money like hundreds of others who went there to buy electronic cigarettes for the first time. They have the best deals and the best e-liquid around with fast free shipping. Check it out today!

How to prevent eliquid from coming in you rmouth please help?

by jmhhacker

Question by Junaid: How to prevent eliquid from coming in you rmouth please help?
Please help I am having ecig and I refilled my cargo my ecig us the old ecig eheqkth one so basecky how can I tell when eliquid come in my mouth please help????

Best answer:

Answer by Goober
I had the same problem. Chances are you are filling it and dripping the fluid into the cartomizer. Getting it out ofnthe cartomizer is a problem. Try swabbing it with a paper towel or q tip. I switched to a tank model that allows a refill without the cartomizer even being in the tank for that reason. The vape is smoother and more and more potent. I bought just the tank and it fit on my own battery. The new tank was like ten bucks and made a world of difference

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How To Refill A Green Smoke Cartridge With E-Liquid Nicotine

How To Refill A Green Smoke Cartridge With E-Liquid Nicotine This is a video on how to refill your Green Smoke electronic cigarette cartridges. This video shows you how to open…

This video is intended to be for people who want to mix e-liquid for personal use. 3ml@ 20% Pg with nicotine= 0.55 ml or 24 drops . PG(no nicotine)=0.95 ml o…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ways To Refill Electronic Cigarettes With E-Liquid

electronic cigarette liquid refill
by elycefeliz

With so many places in the world becoming smoke free environments, smokers all over began thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to smoke without, well, smoking. Although it took a few years for the craze to hit, electronic cigarettes, also appropriately called smokeless cigarettes, began to take the world by storm. Now smokers really could light up anywhere and everywhere that they wanted without having to worry about bothering someone else or even ruining the smell of their clothing or possessions with the smell of cigarette smoke.

Smokeless cigarettes work quite simply with an advanced technology: e-liquid, a liquid infused with nicotine, is sucked in through an atomizer when a smoker takes a drag, and that e-liquid is turned into a smokeless vapor that the smoker inhales like they would with a real cigarette. The vapor from e-liquid is safer than tobacco smoke, free of additives and carcinogens, so smokeless cigarettes are not only healthier for the smoker, but also for those around the smoker. A smoke free vapor also comes off the end of the cigarette when a drag is taken.

Instead of having to buy a new pack of smokeless cigarettes every time they get low on e-liquid, the smoker just has to buy refills for electronic cigarettes. Refills for electronic cigarettes come in the form of either disposable cartridges or refillable cartridges, but both kinds of refills for electronic cigarettes work the same and just as well as the other. The only difference is that with disposable cartridges, the smoker just throws away the cartridges whenever they’re out of e-liquid, but with refillable cartridges, the smoker can fill the cartridges back up on their own, so the smoker just has to keep a bottle of e-liquid handy along with a tool they can use for the refills for electronic cigarettes. Most smokers choose to use a medicine dropper or a syringe, drawing up the liquid and simply dropping it into the cartridges or injecting it evenly into the fabric located inside the cartridges which soaks up the e-liquid.

No matter which way the smoker chooses to refill their smokeless cigarettes, they will get the same results. However, if smokers choose to refill the cartridges themselves, they should exercise caution and have patience, because since e-liquid is full of nicotine, it shouldn’t be absorbed by the skin in large quantities.

If you use smokeless cigarettes and are looking for a great place to buy refills for electronic cigarettes, visit offers great refill cartridges, as well as supplies like e-liquid. This premier website stands by customer satisfaction, and even offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so stop by today!