Free Web Service Offers Instant Electronic Cigarette Discounts On Premium Line Of Totally Wicked E Liquid Products

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 15, 2010

Totally Wicked Coupon is pleased to announce the launch of their free web service, Totally Wicked Coupon, providing consumers with convenient instant discounts on premium quality electronic cigarette models, USA and UK manufactured liquid nicotine fluids and E Liquid from top industry supplier Totally Wicked eLiquid.

“Switching to electronic cigarettes has saved me literally thousands of dollars ever since I discovered them about 2 years ago. I know many are suffering financially in this economic climate, especially smokers. I decided to launch to help smokers everywhere benefit from even further savings on the exact products that stopped my decade-long tobacco habit saving me a great deal of money in the process.” says James Oliver, founder of Totally Wicked Coupon.

The current state of the economy combined with soaring prices for tobacco cigarettes has led many smokers to explore cigarette alternatives. Many are discovering that electronic cigarettes in conjunction with nicotine liquid (also known as e liquid) can dramatically decrease their smoking costs, often by 70%, while enjoying a completely satisfying yet much cheaper cigarette alternative.

Now with the launch of website Totally Wicked Coupon, smokers can further those savings with a convenient and permanent discount on the very best electronic cigarette models and e liquids on the market.

With the increasing awareness in North America of electronic smoking as an effective and cost-savings cigarette alternative, many suppliers have recently entered the market. Unfortunately many of these companies are offering low quality imitation and counterfeit electronic cigarette models, as well as unregulated imported e liquids. While appearing cheaper to the consumer, these electronic cigarettes and nicotine fluids are made to poor quality standards, can malfunction, stop working quickly and deliver poor performance and quality concerns. Totally Wicked Products, available at a permanent discount of at least 7.5% through, provide trusted quality and affordability.

“We have one main goal, which is to provide our customers with products that deliver. We believe that we consistently achieve this with not only our nicotine fluids but also our full range of Electronic Cigarettes and their accompanying accessories.” Said Jason Cropper, CEO of Pillbox38 Ltd. and Totally Wicked eLiquid.

Totally Wicked is a trusted leader in the industry, with USA based operations in Florida. The high quality of authentic, trusted and market-proven e smoking models sold by Totally Wicked such as the 510 Titan E-NI and the new Totally Wicked Tornado E-NI are among the most reliable, high performing and quality electronic cigarettes (or Electronic Nicotine Inhalators) to be found anywhere. Additionally Totally Wicked’s newly available Patriot Range of E Liquids are completely manufactured in the United States using certified USP nicotine (identical to that found in approved NRT products like stop smoking gum and patches) and USA sourced quality flavorings.

Totally Wicked Coupon offers a chance to get the best possible prices on these market leading e smoking products instantly.

To find out more about Totally Wicked Coupon you may visit the website at


James Oliver

Totally Wicked Coupon

Phone: 407-956-4379

Email: info(at)totallywickedcoupon(dot)com

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Buy Electronic Cigarette and Enjoy a Hazard Free Experience!

Being one of the most robust inventions of science and technology, E-Cigarette kits make the process of quitting an unhealthy habit easy.  Use of electronic cigarettes ensures the involvement of nicotine without any carcinogenic and toxic substances such as tar, that are usually found in the second hand smoke emitted from traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

Once put in use, e-cigarettes wipe out the need for tobacco based cigarettes, due to several reasons such as their tactile and sensible feel, their benefits, their environment friendly nature, etc.  It’s a proven fact that if you buy electronic cigarette and start using it, you will feel a positive change in your lifestyle and will start smelling better.  Additionally, the usage of flavored e-juice cartridges will enhance the smoking experience making it more enjoyable.  People, who buy electronic cigarette with the motive to quit the habit, can be sure to achieve guaranteed success since e-cigarettes allow the smokers to reduce the dosage of nicotine slowly until it is no more required by the body.

Since these are battery powered devices that can be recharged for continued smoking sessions, it is critical to ensure that E-Cigarette kits that you buy possess long lasting batteries which would reduce the need of recharging them again and again for frequent use.  For people wanting to frequent the smoking sessions each day, it is recommended to carry an extra battery.

All cigarette smokers should be aware that the e-cigarettes imitate the act of electronic cigarettes including the way they taste, smell, and activate senses, and hence there is no reason why one should not buy electronic cigarette.

One more reason to transition the habit from tobacco based cigarettes to e-cigarette kits is that they help in reducing the cost tremendously.  Studies indicate, that many smokers around the world spend more than $ 1000 each year on cigarettes, however when considering to buy electronic cigarette, the cost comes to only $ 2.50 per pack.  Additionally, one e-liquid cartridge usually lasts the equivalent of two packs of tobacco based cigarettes which is quite economical.  Realistically priced e-cigarette kits can be easily purchased from online stores along with bottles of e-liquid.

These tiny gadgets are definitely changing the meaning of smoking and are contributing tangibly in reducing global warming and eradicating negative health effects of conventional cigarettes, which is the reason why they are becoming hot favorites among the smokers globally.  Thanks to technology, for making our lives free from second hand smoke, the biggest cause of Lung Cancer.

There are thousands of online stores offering an array of e-cigarette kits. When you consider to buy electronic cigarette, flavored e-liquid bottles can also be grabbed to add an alluring flavor to your smoking session. You can visit Visit to witness the variety of e-cigarette kits available in the market.

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Electronic cigarettes make smoking risk free

E Cigarettes or the electronic cigarette is an innovative way for smokers to get their nicotine fix without smoking normal tobacco cigarettes. As they are getting their nicotine, there will not suffer any withdrawal symptoms and also do not need to take the comfort of patches and gum. Besides, since these cigarettes last a long time, they can save money and not watch it go up in smoke quite literally.

So what is an electronic cigarette? It is an unbelievable alternative to smoking and it is proving a boon to many habitual smokers. People who have tried these cigarettes do not want to go back to what they had been smoking earlier. Besides, these cigarettes are available online also and these sites offer regular and deluxe packages at good prices, thus allowing smokers to save. They also describe in details what is offered, how to draw the pure nicotine into the lungs, and also the kind of flavors available with them, that will enhance the pleasure of smoking with non-existent side effects. The feeling remains the same of holding a cigarette in your hand and even taste the flavor that you have begun to love due to the constant smoking.

Best Electronic cigarette make smoking risk free. These are revolutionary products and their advantages far outweigh normal tobacco cigarettes. It reduces health risks to the smokers and those in the vicinity of a smoker as there is no smoke. The acrid and foul odor that one can smell on the hands and mouth of a smoker is totally eliminated. Besides, they are accepted in non-smoking areas also. When you look at an e-cigarette, it looks exactly like a conventional cigarette made from tobacco. It consists of a recyclable aluminum cylinder, a capsule that contains liquid nicotine and a lithium battery that makes it work. Since there is no tobacco, there is nothing to burn and hence this smokeless cigarette does not emit smoke. It however, emits water vapor. Also, no chemicals are added. These chemicals found in normal cigarettes are not inhaled and neither is any second hand chemical let out into the environment by way of the smoke. Therefore, they are much more beneficial than smoking normal cigarettes made of tobacco.

As the nicotine is in the cylinder, the size of the cigarette does not burn down or lessen in size. It can last for a long time. For a person who wants to quit regular smoking, the smokeless cigarette is the best bet. And there are green smoke products that are safe to use, pose no health hazard to yourself and your neighbors and still gives the benefit of smoking a real cigarette. For people who have tried all other methods of giving up smoking, this is the right product to help you. But in all health related cases, consult your physician before beginning smoking electronic cigarettes.

Author has 5 years experience in Internet Marketing. Buy the best Electronic cigarette which reduce health risks and it helps to quit regular smoking by using smokeless cigarette, electronic cigarettes etc.

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Q&A: Can I get a free electronic cigarette starter kit for military ?

Question by donny: Can I get a free electronic cigarette starter kit for military ?
I’m currently serving and was wondering where I could get free or low cost electronic cigarettes, I’ve read that some companies provide these for free to the military.

Best answer:

Answer by Halie
My dad uses their e-cigs and if his ever break or get damaged he just emails the company and they will send you new ones absolutely free of charge so I’m sure since you’re in the service they would be generous enough to donate some to you.
-Hope this helped, thank you for serving us.

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Where can I find a site that offers free cigarettes?

Question by Kylie: Where can I find a site that offers free cigarettes?
I have heard of sites that offer free cigarette samples where they just mail them to your house, but all I find are sites that offer free e-cigarettes or sites where you have to be 21 to sign up and I am only 20. Please no answers about how smoking is bad. Just direct answers for this question.

Best answer:

Answer by Zebra
While, I hope there is some great free cigarette site, I hate to say there probably isn’t.

American Spirit gives out 1 pack for 1 dollar coupons, but you have to be 21. Your best bet is signing up a non-smoking 21 year old friend to sign up and give you coupons.

Good luck on your quest!

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