Gold Vapor Electronic Cigarette – How to Help Your Best Friend Kick the Habit

Gold Vapor Electronic Cigarette

When I quit smoking many of my friends kept asking me how I did it and if I would help them to quit smoking too. One of the reasons why they wanted to quit was because they noticed the change in the way I looked and how I felt. Since quitting and living a healthier lifestyle I not only looked and felt a lot better, my energy levels increased considerably. Seeing this transformation my friends wanted me to help them quit.

If you are an ex smoker with a friend who wants to quit smoking then, here are a few tips I learned to help my friends kick the habit:

There are many ways to quit smoking however, what works for someone may not work for everyone. You need to be aware of this and speak to your friend about the method you used and see if this could work for them. Give your friend as much information on quitting smoking including popular products on the market that can help them for example, nicotine patches or herbal remedies. Take the time to go through this information and work with them to develop a program to wean them off the cigarettes. Gold Vapor Electronic Cigarette

As with kicking any bad habit you will go through a period where your body will begin to crave the nicotine that it has enjoyed for so long. This is the cold turkey phase and is similar to what drug users go through when getting off serious drugs. This is a very important phase as the cravings to light up can increase. You need to give your friend as much support and motivation as you can to get them through this difficult period. There will be times when your friends temperament will be moody and grumpy. If this is the case, do not be confrontational but, try and sympathize with what they are going through.

Help your friend avoid situations where they could be tempted to start smoking again. For example, if your friend enjoys going to bars and clubs where people will be smoking then, this could expose them to temptation. Find distractions or alternative social venues where smoking is not allowed.

Finally, with any quit smoking program it is important to set your friend goals and rewards. For many people trying to quit can become a daily battle. If your friend gets through a stressful day where the temptations to light up became close to unbearable then reward them. This does not have to be extravagant, a trip to the movies to see their favorite film or a box of their favorite chocolates will do just fine. This is very powerful, when done consistently it will program their brain to associate pain with reward and improve your friends chances to quit smoking. Gold Vapor Electronic Cigarette

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