White Stage Vapor Launches Innokin 510 Electronic Cigarette for US Vapers

(PRWEB) April 23, 2012

White Stage Vapor http://WhichIsTheBestElectronicCigarette.com launches Innokin 510 electronic cigarette for US vapers. White Stage Vapor is a USA vendor of high quality electronic cigarette and e liquid. The Innokin 510-T vapor Cigarettes Atomizers and Tanks refill cartridges are compatible with most all 510 electronic cigarette batteries

The Innokin 510 Tank Vapor Cigarette is one of the latest innovation products from INNOKIN Technology.

The Innokin 510-Tank vapor cigarette is a new exclusively Tank atomizer and Tank refill cartridge design which features a tank liquid system. Instead of filling cartridges, users fill the 510-T tank and it keeps a fresh supply of e-Liquid on the 510-T atomizer at all times. Users don’t have to pull the cartridge out to see if they are running low because the liquid is visible through the translucent 510-T tank cartridge.

Innokin 510-T Details:

Length: 114mm

Diameter: 9.2mm

Weight of each Innokin 510T: 13g

Charge voltage: 90-240V

Working voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 190mAh

Full battery can keep for 250puffs

One TANK can refill 1ml e liquid

Life of the battery more 300times charge

Innokin 510-T electronic cigarette starter set includes:

2 (190mAh) 510-T batteries

1 tank atomizer

5 tank cartridges

1 mini-USB charging cable

1 US wall adapter

1 manual (English)

Returns Policy of White Stage Vapor

There are no returns on e-juice, cartridges, cartomizers or atomizers. However, some items have warrantees and must be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Customers should expect to receive their warranted replacement within four weeks of giving their package to the return shipper; however, in many cases customers will receive a replacement more quickly.

If customers need to return a warranted item for replacement, simply login to the account, view the order using the “Complete Orders” link under the My Account menu and click the Return Item(s) button. White Stage Vapor will notify the users via e-mail of the exchange once it received and processed the returned item.

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All New INNOKIN LEA Tank Electronic Cigarette is Coming

(PRWEB) May 20, 2011

INNOKINs LEA, the new generation of electronic cigarettes, remedies the many defects of older electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, the best smoking alternative to traditional cigarettes, have appeared in the U.S. market for a few years. However, some users do not think highly of their performance because of design flaws and lack of usability. The INNOKIN LEA has taken care of that.

Heres how:

A. In the old style electronic cigarettes, there was no battery power display. The LEA displays the battery capacity via the LED button. By clicking the button the LEA displays a color coded LED showing power capacity. This can be checked at any time before going out and enjoy your LEA all day long.

B. Safety is a key factor with the LEA. The old electronic cigarettes button would often misfire if the unit was placed in a pocket or purse and the button was accidentally pressed. The LEA solved this by utilizing an ON/OFF feature with the activation button. Click the power button three times to turn the LEA on for use, another three clicks turns the LEA off for safe storage and carrying in your pocket, purse, or hand. So simple, so safe.

C. Battery charging utilizes a universal Mini USB port and cable, avoiding the hassle of screwing on and off the threaded style chargers like the older generation electronic cigarettes.

D. Meanwhile, the cartridge of the LEA is a revolutionary new TANK system. With the new LEA tank cartridges, theres never any dry burning and overheating. The lack of cotton wadding inside the cartridge avoids any burnt taste from overuse of dry standard cartridges. The LEA offers the ability to see just how much liquid is in the tank cartridge, and refilling them is easy.

As if all the above advancements in design werent good enough, dont forget another important feature, the battery. The LEA 650mAh battery is a hard working, long lasting rechargeable battery. The P/T (pass through) function allows you to smoke while it is charging, as long as there is a USB port available. By the way, the attractive appearance may also be a good reason why people choose LEA. Designed after an expensive ball point pen with the atomizer cap in place, the LEA is both stylish and just darn sexy.

INNOKINs LEA Electronic Cigarette, taking part in the electronic cigarette revolution.


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Vaping Xtreme Launches Innokin iTaste VV

(PRWEB) June 11, 2012

Innokins newest product iTaste VV has become one of hottest electronic cigarette brands on the market. The iTaste VV is Innokins step forward to the VV mod market. It is a wonderful looking device with on-board variable voltage circuitry and a digital display, it can output a range of 3.3-5V in 0.1Volt increments through a pair of +/- buttons. The iTaste VV can also detect the resistance of different cartomizers automatically and suggest a range of vaping voltages that are recommended for that specific atomizer.

Innokin iTaste VV

VaporTrail Magazine Publishes Innokin iTaste VV

(PRWEB) October 25, 2012

VaporTrail Magazine publishes Innokin iTaste VV. VaporTrail is a magazine focusing on latest news for vapers, new products, mods, e cig starter kits. Innokin Manufacturing is really trying to help vapers, vape their way with their new additions to the iTaste VV lineup. Now you can get the Express kit and check out the iTaste VV without hurting your wallet very much, says VaporTrail Magazine.

The iTaste VV is a variable voltage battery that is around the size of an 900 mAh eGo, with a Pen Clip cap, on/off, advanced magnet technology, nice and unique design, and multiple connections, thanks to it’s magnet design, vapers can change their connection to a 510, 808, 901, RN4081, Noble, NJoy, and NPro with ease. The iTaste VV features LED read out, safety features, 10 second cut off, puff counter and replaceable tank atomizer like the eGo-C. The ease of use, and the many features will make the iTaste VV a very sought after device. Combined with the Tidy cartomizers, a clero cartomizer that is easy to fill, and easy to clean, the iTaste VV will be a huge hit says VaporTrail Magazine.

Innokin has added a round connection on the iTaste VV cartomizers kit, so vapers can vape all of eGo accessories, along with regular cartomizers. Innokin keeps on improving with new updates to the iTaste VV’s with the new Dual Coil Cartomizers Kit, the Express Kit, the New Clearomizer Kit and the new eGo-C Kit, along with the final version of the Tidy Clearomizer.

VaporTrail also shares a positive review for the final version of the Tidy Clearomizer is very good. Great taste, a much better throat hit, and it is better built, better quality, and just a little shorter, so now your pen clip cap can be put on with the a full Tidy clearomizer still on. The cap closes with the cart on, says VaporTrail Magazine.

Innokin Manufacturing also has many new things on the horizon, some that you are going to love, VaporTrail Magazine concludes.

Top Buy is Taking Pre-Orders for the New Innokin iTaste MVP

(PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Innokin iTaste MVP Pre-Orders are now being taken, Top Buy will be the first place when vapers can get this product! Top Buy now accepts pre-orders for the iTaste MVP, which will be sold at 69 dollars.

The iTaste MVP is the big brother of the Innokin iTaste and the latest product from Innokin. It is an ideal electronic cigarette product for vape and charge on the go.

The iTaste MVP has attracted a lot of attentions from the vaping community since its pre-release. Here are some original opinions from vapers:

Lordbarby in UKV: This is the iTaste on speed! It looks like a monster, apparently you can charge your mobile phone off it!!

WallyO in ECF: Pretty cool. There are exciting times ahead for vapers. As bad said, it should be one crazy year ahead.

Danpio1217 in Vaportalk: I’m drooling at the mouth looking at this new iTaste mod. Looks like a Reosmod, but hopefully will be less expensive and more accessible.

Innokin official distributor Top Buy: This may be the ugliest product from Innokin, but absolutely the best.

Innokin iTaste MVP features in brief: