Free Web Service Offers Instant Electronic Cigarette Discounts On Premium Line Of Totally Wicked E Liquid Products

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 15, 2010

Totally Wicked Coupon is pleased to announce the launch of their free web service, Totally Wicked Coupon, providing consumers with convenient instant discounts on premium quality electronic cigarette models, USA and UK manufactured liquid nicotine fluids and E Liquid from top industry supplier Totally Wicked eLiquid.

“Switching to electronic cigarettes has saved me literally thousands of dollars ever since I discovered them about 2 years ago. I know many are suffering financially in this economic climate, especially smokers. I decided to launch to help smokers everywhere benefit from even further savings on the exact products that stopped my decade-long tobacco habit saving me a great deal of money in the process.” says James Oliver, founder of Totally Wicked Coupon.

The current state of the economy combined with soaring prices for tobacco cigarettes has led many smokers to explore cigarette alternatives. Many are discovering that electronic cigarettes in conjunction with nicotine liquid (also known as e liquid) can dramatically decrease their smoking costs, often by 70%, while enjoying a completely satisfying yet much cheaper cigarette alternative.

Now with the launch of website Totally Wicked Coupon, smokers can further those savings with a convenient and permanent discount on the very best electronic cigarette models and e liquids on the market.

With the increasing awareness in North America of electronic smoking as an effective and cost-savings cigarette alternative, many suppliers have recently entered the market. Unfortunately many of these companies are offering low quality imitation and counterfeit electronic cigarette models, as well as unregulated imported e liquids. While appearing cheaper to the consumer, these electronic cigarettes and nicotine fluids are made to poor quality standards, can malfunction, stop working quickly and deliver poor performance and quality concerns. Totally Wicked Products, available at a permanent discount of at least 7.5% through, provide trusted quality and affordability.

“We have one main goal, which is to provide our customers with products that deliver. We believe that we consistently achieve this with not only our nicotine fluids but also our full range of Electronic Cigarettes and their accompanying accessories.” Said Jason Cropper, CEO of Pillbox38 Ltd. and Totally Wicked eLiquid.

Totally Wicked is a trusted leader in the industry, with USA based operations in Florida. The high quality of authentic, trusted and market-proven e smoking models sold by Totally Wicked such as the 510 Titan E-NI and the new Totally Wicked Tornado E-NI are among the most reliable, high performing and quality electronic cigarettes (or Electronic Nicotine Inhalators) to be found anywhere. Additionally Totally Wicked’s newly available Patriot Range of E Liquids are completely manufactured in the United States using certified USP nicotine (identical to that found in approved NRT products like stop smoking gum and patches) and USA sourced quality flavorings.

Totally Wicked Coupon offers a chance to get the best possible prices on these market leading e smoking products instantly.

To find out more about Totally Wicked Coupon you may visit the website at


James Oliver

Totally Wicked Coupon

Phone: 407-956-4379

Email: info(at)totallywickedcoupon(dot)com

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Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquid – Quit Smoking Hypnosis Delivers Amazing Results All The Time

electronic cigarette liquid refill
by elycefeliz

A Electronic Cigarette

Hypnosis is considered as an accepted professional science that is practised by experts and professional hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapy has helped a lot of people surmount many challenges in their lives. Hypnotherapy is effective in treating overweight people, and people who want to get rid of their addictions, depression and stress. Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquid

Hypnosis helps you relax while the hypnotherapist concentrates on the problem behavior or habit, including the specific goal to be achieved. During hypnosis, it doesn’t mean you are asleep. The body and mind may be in heightened relaxation, but the subconscious is working and fully aware. In this condition, the subconscious is able to soak up any suggestions.

There are many interesting aspects about the subconscious mind. It cannot distinguish between imagination and what is real. It is the conscious mind’s job to do that. It cannot determine whether something is merely an imagination or is reality. Thus, when suggestions are directed towards the subconscious without passing through the conscious mind, then some creative things are bound to happen. If you imagine not smoking and communicate that to the subconscious, then it will work. That’s why Quit Smoking Hypnosis is effective – with the guidance of an able hypnotherapist, anything is possible.

The reason why the smoking habit goes back again and again to a previous quitter is that the subconscious mind is not involved in the patient’s efforts to stop. The subconscious mind constantly pokes you to remind you that you need a cigarette despite the fact that the conscious mind says no. Therefore, the best way to stop smoking is to convince the subconscious mind that you no longer want to smoke and that it has negative consequences for you. A Electronic Cigarette

A hypnotherapist may investigate into the backgrounds of your smoking and what were the events in your life that led to it. Maybe it has been a habit to smoke after eating. If this is the case, the hypnotherapist can suggest to the subconscious mind to indulge in more healthy activities instead, like taking a stroll after a meal.

The hypnotherapist encourages positive thoughts during and under hypnosis. The smoker is convinced to believe that she or he can easily quit. Hypnosis has a rather high success rate. What is more interesting is that with quit smoking hypnosis, the incidence of relapse of the smoker is almost thoroughly eliminated. Quit Smoking Hypnosis should be tried by every smoker who is serious about quitting.

In my case, I started smoking as a teenager because I was overweight and felt very unattractive. However, when some kids started showing some interest in me, I began adopting their behavior, their manner of dressing and talking. Unfortunately, they all smoked because it was cool to smoke then… Over the years, I had shed my unwanted weight, but unfortunately, have not gotten rid of my smoking habit. Until one day, I simply got tired of the smell of my car, my hair, my clothes, everything! A Electronic Cigarette

After years of trying, I finally A Electronic Cigarette!

Now I live healthier and still smoking … A Electronic Cigarette

T-Juice, one of Europes leading E Liquid manufacturers is looking for new premises to cater for larger bottling facility

(PRWEB) April 11, 2012

T-juice, the UKs new exciting start up making e liquid for electronic cigarettes is looking for new premises, as their existing space is now too small to accommodate their new bottling machine. Last month T-Juice invested in a new semi automatic bottling machine from China to speed up their process and get a more accurate delivery of e liquid. At present, they use a totally manual method which takes a lot of time and effort to get the right amount in every bottle. E Liquid is becoming more popular in the UK as tobacco smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is a healthier and more sociable alternative to tobacco smoking, which is one of the reasons this is habitual change is occurring. T-Juice has now created thirteen premium e liquid flavours and is planning to expand the range with a flavour a month.

We never anticipated the amount of interest we have had in our e liquid. From the start we have had sales pouring in from not just the UK but all over Europe, even some enquiries from the US! The manual system we now have in place is great but very labour intensive, so last month we purchased a semi automatic bottling machine from China. Now it is time to get new and larger premises to accommodate a separate contained bottling area. We are also on the lookout for a new production manager to cope with the increased demand. commented Nigel Richards of T-Juice.

Is it possible to instead of putting nicotine liquid into a electronic cigarette that i can put water into it?

Question by Jack W: Is it possible to instead of putting nicotine liquid into a electronic cigarette that i can put water into it?
i am getting sucked in to smoking quickly and unexpectedly. I LOVE the feeling of smoke coming out of my mouth though. I want one of these electronic cigarettes without nicotine, only water. i need to stop so please give me a link of a website to buy a device like this asap…I know nicotine is not the issue for me, my issue is I love smoke coming out of my mouth but i dont want nicotine either, just water.

Best answer:

Answer by Zarren Wevon
Smoke weed. No harm, get the smoke coming out, and another feeling you’ll like.

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The Safe Cig / Cheap E Cigarette Liquid

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