Why Buy Electronic Cigarette Online

There are a lot of reasons why a tobacco cigarette smoker should shift to electronic cigarette. The benefits of electronic cigarettes have been known already. Compared to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are a lot safer.

Because of the popularity of the electronic cigarette, there have been plenty of electronic cigarette brands coming out in the market these days. You will find yourself at a loss as to which of these brands offer the best electronic cigarette. As a consumer, it is your right to enjoy only the best product. The same is true when you look for the best electronic cigarette brand. Don’t be fooled by brands that claim they have the best electronic cigarette in the market these days. You must do your own research and find out for yourself if their claims are true.

Once you have done your research, you can buy electronic cigarettes online. Buying anything online is convenient and very simple to do. But if you are not knowledgeable about the product that you are buying, you run the risk of buying not the best electronic cigarette but one that has poor quality.

First thing to do is study the market. Buy the best electronic cigarette only from companies that have enjoyed a good reputation in the market. With a popular brand, you are assured that you have a quality electronic cigarette in your hand. You can be sure that their electronic cigarettes have passed strict quality standards before they were shipped out of the factory. Their price may be a little bit more expensive than electronic cigarettes that are produced by less popular brands, but you can be assured of the quality.

Consider how much the electronic cigarette costs. The price can be a defining factor in you search. The electronic cigarettes online will vary in their prices. Learn about the prevailing market prices of electronic cigarettes and evaluate this against the product brand. One thing you should remember always is that electronic cigarettes are less expensive than real cigarettes. So don’t buy an electronic cigarette that costs more than a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Learn about the E-Liquid. The E-Liquid of electronic cigarettes are the core of the whole electronic cigarette smoking experience. The E-Liquid serves the same purpose as that of the tobacco in tobacco cigarette. The E-Liquid contains all the ingredients that the smoker will have to taste when he takes a puff. These ingredients include liquid nicotine, flavoring, and other additives. The E-Liquid is vaporized whenever the user inhales at the cigarette. The smoker can even come up with his own E-Liquid mix if the electronic cigarette is refillable. The smoker can decide how much nicotine content and the kind of flavoring to include in the E-Liquid. When you buy electronic cigarette online, make sure you have done enough research about E-Liquid, especially if you want to make your own E-Liquid solution using various ingredients. 

BIO: Buying Best electronic cigarette online can be easy and convenient, but only if you did your research about the product. Finding the best electronic cigarette requires knowledge about the e-liquid. More information can be found at e-cigarette510.com

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Looking To Buy The Prado E Cig? Here Is The Most Honest Review Of Prado E Cigs Online

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Price: $ 149.95

Prado E Cig Review
The Prado Electronic Cigarette is one of the latest smokeless cigarettes to come on the market. It’s so new, in fact, that its manufacturer is offering a free trial on the electronic cigarette.

The Prado Electronic Cigarette starter kit is a bit more expensive than those of other e cigarettes, but it comes with 17 cartridges, rather than the usual five. The Smart Smoker also comes with a 60-day replacement parts warranty, also longer than warranties offered with starter kits from competitors.

Your Prado electronic cigarette comes with an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid nicotine in the cartridges. You get your “nicotine hit,” but without the tar. You’ll also see “smoke” come out of the Prado Cigarette, but this is just the vaporized nicotine. It will dissipate quickly, much more quickly than a regular cigarette.

In fact, any Prado Cigarette review would be incomplete without mentioning that the cartridges come in four strengths, normal, medium, low and no nicotine at all, which would be very valuable to a smoker looking to quit smoking completely.

Those who are interested in the Prado Electronic Cigarette free trial offer should act fast because Prado is offering the free trial only while supplies last, and at the rate that people are currently signing up, the supply will be gone in the next 2-3 weeks.

When you sign up for the free trial, you will receive the Prado Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, which includes the rechargeable lithium battery, a stainless steel atomizer, 10 nicotine cartridges in the strength and flavour of your choice, a wall and USB charger and a quick start manual. As with most e-cigarette free trial offers, there are stipulations that consumers should know about before signing up. First of all, when you sign up for the free trial, you are automatically enrolled in the Cartridge Refill Value Plan. This is a plan where each month you are sent 20 cartridges (4 packs) for a cost of $ 59.95 per month plus $ 9.95 shipping and handling, which is a total cost of $ 69.90 per month. The free trial period lasts for 14 days, so if you aren’t happy with the Prado e-cigarette, you must return it within 14 days of placing your order. Also, as mentioned above, if you do not cancel the free trial offer and return the Prado starter kit, you will continue to be enrolled in the Cartridge Refill Value Plan until you decide to cancel.

Keep In Mind…

The 14 day trial period begins the day that they ship your order. Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly. Make sure that you are happy with the Prado electronic cigarette and if you plan to return it, make sure that you do so in that 14 day period and will also need to call to cancel membership in the Cartridges Refill Auto Ship Program. As with any free trial offer, make sure that you know what you are signing up for before you agree to the terms of the offer.

If you have wanted to try e-cigarePrado Electronic Cigarette Reviewttes but have been hesitant to purchase a starter kit due to the cost, this is a perfect opportunity to try a quality e-cig with very little upfront cost. If for any reason you aren’t happy with the Prado electronic cigarette, you can return it within the first 14 days and you will be charged for the S&H fees. Try the Prado Electronic Cigarette Today! It’s a great way to find out if electronic cigarettes are the right choice for you! If you’re not satisfied with Prado e-cigs, return them, but please don’t write off electronic cigarettes. Come back and read some reviews on the other top brands of e-cigs. You’re sure to find a brand that fits your taste!

Here are some actual Prado e cig customer reviews…

I was happy to recieve my Prado e-cig last week. It tasted excellent and served my goal of smoking less of the store bought cigarettes. After smoking, and then charging, changing cartridge, it now taste like burnt flavor. It is no longer the useable product that I paid for. I am not sure if this has happened to any other users, but it does does not give Prado a high rating on my account. The product itself is an excellent idea. But as is, I wasted money.-Review by Karen

This product is fine, the charge lasts for days n days, and the cartridges last longer than several other e-cigs have claimed. I was charge 7.95$ as per their order agreement and w.e for shipping but no other charges have come up. I think some folks need to double check the date before ordering things.-Review by Nicol

Prado e-cigs are great, but the customer service isn’t there. Great product if you don’t have any issues. I hate dealing with customer service anyways so just bought another one when my charger broke, now I have extra e-cigs. -Review by Jeff

Too bad I read these reviews after I tried the Prado Ecigarette. There is no prompt that requires you to read the terms & conditions prior to ordering. I was charged $ 44.75 on 7/26/10. Another $ 149.90 on 8/9/10. Today 8/24/10, another $ 69.90 charge is pending on my credit card. The 3 people that I spoke to at Prado were completely unsympathetic. The supervisor actually yelled at me. They refuse to remove any of the charges (including the $ 69.90 that is pending) from my card & refuse to allow me to return the product. -Review by Marie M

So there you go… The reviews speak for themselves. There are good ones but they seem to be a little more difficult to find.

Overall Thoughts for Prado Electronic Cig Review

After much research… the only thing the Prado e cig has going for it would be that they have a “free trial” period. And to be honest it really didn’t take that much looking to see that they may not have the greatest customer service.

They did not make it on our list of 8 Best E Cigs… Check Out Our Top 8 E Cig Companies Below

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Q&A: Does anybody know where to buy electronic cigarettes online?

Question by : Does anybody know where to buy electronic cigarettes online?
Basically I am wondering if anybody knows where to buy electronic cigarettes online? I live in the USA so is there a certain place where to buy electronic cigarettes online for people who live in the states?

Best answer:

Answer by Billy
There are quite a few places you can buy electronic cigarettes online. However what you really need to ask yourself is, where to buy electronic cigarettes online where I live.

Recently there has been an import ban on electronic cigarettes. From where you are posting it looks like you are looking to buy electronic cigarettes in the USA.

There seems to be about three companies in the USA where you can buy electronic cigarettes online. From doing a quick search I found this site that pretty much puts all of them in one place.


I have been smoking electronic cigarettes for about 2 months now and have to admit I love it. At first it takes a little getting used to but you get over it in a couple of days. Not to mention you save quite a bit of money.

Wish I found that site earlier. It should help most people who live in the US and are looking to know where to buy electronic cigarettes online.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refill Liquid Is Easy to Obtain Online, Reports …

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refill Liquid Is Easy to Obtain Online, Reports
Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 07/17/2013 — The electronic cigarette refill has been known to attract those smokers who have decided to make a permanent switch over from smoking regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. It has already been determined …
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Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes Program Launched by LeCig
LeCig offers e cigarette starter kits, disposable electronic cigarettes, e cig batteries and chargers and e liquids and refills in a variety of flavors, both as e liquid refills and as electronic cigarette cartomizers. Check out LeCig's e cig blog at …
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More than just hot air?
Typical electronic cigarettes range from around $ 10 for a standard e-cigarette that requires replacement liquid cartridges to as much as $ 70 for a polished wooden model that can be refilled. Although prices vary, pre-filled liquid cartridges, each …
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Stop Smoking and Live Longer with Online Chemist The Healthcounter

(PRWEB UK) 5 February 2013

Research shows people who quit smoking at New Year will fail without help from healthcare professionals: so online chemist The Healthcounter is doing all it can to help smokers quit in 2013.

And The Healthcounter is reminding smokers its never too late: as a new study claims people who stop smoking between 35 and 44 can expect to live nine years longer than those who continue to light up.

As well as stocking a huge selection of health and beauty products from all the biggest brands, The Healthcounter has a dedicated Quit Smoking section offering nicotine gum, inhalators, nicotine lozenges, nicotine patches, tablets and electric cigarettes, from brands like NiQuitin, Nicotinell and Nicorette.

The Healthcounter also offers an online doctors service to provide prescriptions and health advice. Its registered GPs can prescribe Champix a highly-effective, nicotine-free stop smoking aid, proven to be more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products.

Champix works by stimulating the same part of the brain affected by smoking without relying on nicotine, like patches, gum or lozenges. Champix helps to physically reduce cravings, and has the added effect of making cigarettes taste less pleasant.

Dr Sebastian Winckler, from The Healthcounter, explained that it can be difficult for smokers to quit cold turkey, but those who use some form of NRT are far more likely to stay smoke-free.

His views are backed by research from Pfizer1, which says just three per cent of people who quit smoking at New Year manage to stay smoke-free. Its study found most smokers relapse after just eight days of stopping but found those who got help from healthcare professionals were far less likely to relapse.

Dr Winckler said a common excuse for not giving up is that its too late, with the assumption that the ill effects of smoking have already taken their toll on the smokers bodies.

But according to new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine2, those who quit before the age of 44 can expect to live almost as long as those who have never smoked.

The study examined interviews conducted with 202,248 people between 1997 and 2004 regarding their smoking habits and any attempts to quit, and related this to causes of death in participants that had died by December 31, 2006.

It found that those who gave up between the ages of 35 and 44 gained around nine years of life when compared to those who carried on smoking.

Those that gave up between the ages of 25 and 34 had even better prospects, gaining about ten years of life equivalent to those who had never smoked.

Quitters who stubbed out their last cig between the ages of 45 and 54 typically lived for around six years longer.

Stopping smoking is incredibly difficult, said Dr Winckler. But its never too late.

Many people find willpower alone is not enough to help them quit, but they can choose some form of nicotine replacement therapy to help assuage their cravings instead.

These therapies are effective: but they usually contain nicotine, so the smoker is simply swapping the delivery method for their addiction from cigarettes to gum, patches or lozenges.

Champix is different: it doesnt contain nicotine. Instead, it tricks the brain, providing a similar stimulus to that caused by smoking.

Research shows smokers are more likely to quit if they use some form of stop smoking aid3: The Healthcounter offers a whole range of options to give smokers the best possible chance of kicking the habit in 2013.

Champix has previously been shown to be more effective than other stop smoking therapies. Research published in 2009, aggregated from 101 studies funded by Champix creator Pfizer, found it had a successful odds ratio of 1.56 for quitters, compared to gum and patches4.

Although the treatment is currently only available on prescription, The Healthcounters online doctor service allows customers to fill in a quick form to receive a consultation from a trusted family GP. Patients suitable for a prescription get medicines delivered to their door from a registered pharmacy.


Notes to editors

For more information, contact Olivia at Nobull Communications on 01628 526208, or email Olivia@nobull-communications.co.uk.

About TheHealthcounter.com

Online chemist The Healthcounter is more than just a family pharmacy. As well as selling a range of popular healthcare and beauty essentials from all the big brands, such as LOreal, Beechams, Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, Sure, Dove and Simple, https://twitter.com/BrianGreen84 offers an online doctors service and a trove of useful family health information from GPs. The Healthcounter understands common family illnesses, such as coughs and colds, bad backs and eczema and produces a regular blog focussing on topical health issues in the media. The Healthcounters online prescription service is backed by a team of registered online GPs, whilst customers in London can benefit from same day delivery for their medicines and health products. Customers must provide a valid prescription in order to purchase any prescription-only products.

1 http://www.youtube.com/user/EricQuit

2 http://www.news4us.com/electronic-cigarette-offers-quit-smoking-solutions-for-millions/2212910/

3 http://www.news4us.com/electronic-cigarette-offers-quit-smoking-solutions-for-millions/2212910/

4 https://www.prbuzz.com/business-entrepreneur/118989.html

who has the cheapest electronic cigarettes online in the US?

Question by ehavstad: who has the cheapest electronic cigarettes online in the US?
Looking to buy electronic cigarette starter kit nothing fancy, but I do want everything i’ll need like charger, a few cartridges etc.

Best answer:

Answer by soccerluv139
Ooooooo I heard those were cool! I don’t smoke or anything but they are all the rage here in Utah because they just outlawed smoking in every building including bars so people are turning to those. I like it much better that way smoke gets stuck in my hair so easily I hate it.

What do you think? Answer below!

PayZang Introduces Virtual Check For High Risk Merchant Accounts To Accept Online Payments

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

PayZang, one of the fastest growing payments platform for online and eCommerce, announced today that it is launching a new payment product, Virtual Check, to enable merchants in need of a high risk merchant account to accept payment securely over the phone or online in an easy way. Virtual Check is a new breed of payment product that uses CheXshield, the new standard in ACH and check verification, to remove fraudulent Check and ACH transactions from bad check writers.

Virtual Check is designed specifically for the following industries: