Quit Smoking Through E Cigs

The most recent study about the E cigs published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows very promising results. According to that research, the device is extremely good choice when it comes to quit smoking, even more effective than the well-known NRT – the traditional nicotine replacements patch. The survey was taken by 222 people who purchased the devise for the first time and shows how it affected them in a period of six months. In comparison with the users of the nicotine patches, who in a period of six months had abstinence rate in between 18% a 12%, people who used the electronic cigarettes quit smoking at 31% rate. Researches therefore came to the conclusion that this devise was a very promising tool for smoking cessation.

To support their theory they published some statistics from the research –

1) 34.3% of the 31% people who actually quit smoking in this period stopped using the electronic cigarettes altogether.

2) 48.8% of the participants stopped the cigarettes for a period of time after using the electronic ones.

3) 66.8% of the people stated that they have significantly reduced the number of the real cigarettes after using this device.

4) Users of the electronic cigarettes who used them more than 20 times daily had 70% abstinence rate for smoking.

The survey was internet based and the rate of response was about 405%. According to the analysis of the well known anti-smoking organizations say this low rate of response due to the reason that only people who quit smoking participate in it.

But the researchers believe that this is the best proof of the success of the E cigs. Another amazing fact about the device, this is never discussed before it but it fetches the attention of the researchers that this device satisfies the nicotine hunger as well as satisfies the smoking addictions. So the device makes more effective instead of the customary way of nicotine substitution treatment as it also affect the addiction habits of the person.

The electronic tool seems to make individuals reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke or make them for some time stops smoking is another important fact. This reason only has a marvellous significance for their health as we all know how injurious the effects of smoking are, and of course the second hand smoking is also being decrease the device significantly helps for reduction the public health. According to the result of the experiment securely consider that the thought of the e cigs should be fabulous and promoted in order to become even more popular to the public and thus help in decrease the quantity of cigarettes or stop smoking in total.

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Freedom Laser Therapy Offers Mark Cuban $10,000 Worth of Quit Smoking Products for his Employees

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Craig Nabat, Founder and President of Freedom Laser Therapy, inventor of the Freedom Quit Smoking System- http://freedomquitsmoking.com, likes the fact that Mark Cuban made Donald Trump a public offer of $ 1 million to shave his head after their squabble over Trump offering President Obama $ 5 million to present his college transcripts and passport application.

Nabat makes a serious offer to the Shark Tank star and Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban, the same offer he made Donald Trump–$ 10,000 worth of Freedom’s home use quit smoking product to help free anyone in his organization from the harmful effects of nicotine addiction. Nabat hopes that Cuban will find his offer more appealing, if not more enticing than The Donald found Cuban’s to be- and take him up on it.

Nabat is no stranger to making public offers to celebrities. Back in October of 2013, as reported in an article “No More Nicotine! Company Offers Jenny McCarthy $ 1 Million To Drop E-Cigarettes” by Radar Online, Nabat offered the actress and TV host of the View, who is Blu e-Cig’s pitch-person, a cool $ 1 million dollars to stop endorsing the nicotine delivery device and to come work with Freedom Laser Therapy.

Nabat and Freedom Laser Therapy have worked with countless celebrities, freeing them and thousands of other smokers from the clutches of nicotine addiction. The goal has been to target celebrity smokers, in hopes once they quit, they would spread the anti-smoking message for the world to follow. Now Nabat, having spent the past 11 years devoted to his goal of freeing the world from nicotine addiction, has turned his offerings toward global business entrepreneurs as reported in numerous press releases this last month, targeting such giants as Richard Branson, Steve Wynn, Donald Trump and now Mark Cuban. Nabat hopes that by aligning with leaders of industries, he can obtain the assistance in leading the way to a nicotine free world.

About Freedom Laser Therapy

Freedom Laser Therapy Inc. is an established Los Angeles-based nicotine addiction clinic that has helped change the lives of thousands of smokers. After years of research and development, the company has launched the innovative “Freedom Quit Smoking System” its convenient 10-day home use, natural and nicotine free way to quit smoking. April 2014, marks the beginning of the Freedom Corporation Smoking Cessation Program’s nationwide launch.