Electronic Cigarette Kit is smokeless and odorless

Smoke and stink stay miles away from those who use electronic cigarette kit, and for valid reasons.

The benefits of using e-cig are far too many to be counted on the fingers. Electronic cigarette kit is the proper package in which the electronic cigarette comes along with items which make the e-cig vaping experience a complete one. To begin with, these items are the rechargeable battery, the charger for charging the battery, the refill cartridges, and the atomizers. In some brands of e-cig, the atomizer is attached with the cartridge to reduce the work of the user.

Some brands provide with cartomizers, which help in reducing the wear and tear of the atomizers, to let them work for long. The atomizers contain highly sensitive sensors, which detect the signal of inhaling, and transmit those signals to the battery which then sends the electronic cigarette vapor to the user. The benefits, as mentioned earlier, are too many. A proper description of the nature of the benefits will require a clear categorizing. The benefits are health benefits for users, health benefits for passive smokers, beauty benefits, financial benefits, as well as home benefits.

Health benefits for users – Electronic cigarette vapor is smokeless, as the e-liquid is made of very less quantity of nicotine mixed with a number of other pharmaceutical liquids. The vapor exhaled by the users dissipates in to air within moments of release, and this has been proved by videos on the internet. The almost complete lack of nicotine ensures that the health of the user is not put to risk. The e-liquid is bereft of 4,000 or more carcinogenic materials like carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic, and nitrogen monoxide and such.

Health benefits for passive smokers – Passive smokers suffer too much from the smoke of tobacco cigarette and the harmful materials exhaled by the tobacco smokers. The e-cig vapor being a harmless mixture of water vapor along with even less than 10% of nicotine, the vapor emitted from electronic cigarette is not the reason of tension for passive smokers. Keeping in mind that pregnant women should keep away from any type of smoke or addiction, all other can stay calm when somebody is vaping electronic cigarette near them.

Beauty benefits – The electronic cigarette kit also keeps the appearance of the user impeccable. Tobacco smoking has many side effects on the appearance of the smoker, like ugly yellow patches on teeth, bleeding gums, mouth odor, stinking clothes, and also brown marks on finger tips. The almost complete absence of nicotine in electronic cigarette saves the users from any of these troubles. The hesitation to get intimate due to the mouth odor from tobacco is also no longer there. Electronic cigarette kit is that complete package that gives complete satisfaction to the users, and places like ECig69 offer one of the best quality e-cig.

Financial benefits – Electronic cigarette kit requires an initial investment, of about a $ 100. But that lasts you for the time which would have required you to spend more than double of that money for tobacco cigarette.

Testimonials of users have proved that they have saved up to $ 1000 per year by shifting to e-cigarette than what they spent earlier for ordinary cigarette. Home benefits – Smoke inside the house causes the fire alarm to go off and even ugly marks on the walls of the room as well as a terrible stuffy stinky atmosphere. Electronic cigarette vapor saves your home from any such trouble.

Electronic cigarette kit is the best way to gain many benefits from one kit.

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Smokeless Selects Makes Improvements to the Design and Production Process of the Electronic Cigarette to Raise the Bar on Quality and Customer Satisfaction

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

Smokeless Selects is raising the standards and quality of the Electronic Cigarette by changing product design and improving standards in the production process. “With a state of the art manufacturing plant producing our product, we have the resources needed to get the Electronic Cigarette where it needs to be in terms of quality and product integrity” Reports Jason Golec, Managing Partner of Smokeless Selects. All too often, E -Cig companies rely on cheap alternatives over seas as to manufacture their product. This trend needs to change and we have no problem leading the charge,” Jason Golec continues.”Our first production of one million units produced only five defective units which is unheard of in almost any industry.” Says Eddie Quiroz, Managing partner.

To further improvements of the Electronic Cigarette, Smokeless Selects combines enhanced product design with better production standards and resources. “Our noteworthy design combines the nicotine cartridge and the atomizer into a single disposable piece called a Cartomizer.” says Anthony Miranda, Managing Partner. The Cartomizer combines with the battery into the unique two piece design that eliminates nicotine liquid leaks that are common among inferior Electronic Cigarettes.

Alongside the innovations of the Electronic Cigarette, Smokeless Selects has implemented stricter regulations to the production process of the nicotine solution. “When the nicotine solution is manufactured, it is immediately tested for assurances in quality. It is then placed in the Cartomizer and tested once again for the strictest quality measurements. Finally, the solution is randomly shelf tested.” Reports Eddie Quiroz. “Our testing is unmatched in the industry. We use the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality possible and the safest product we can produce.” Says Jason Golec.

With the higher manufacturing standards imposed and enhanced design, Smokeless Select’s Electronic Cigarettes have been dramatically improved over the competition.”We feel confident that the improvements made to our product will leave the impression we desire amongst our current and potential customer base,” says Jason Golec.”the practices that have been adopted by the majority of our competition has left its mark on the industry as a whole. Its up to companies like us to reinvent the Electronic Cigarette industry one satisfied customer at a time,” Jason Golec continues.”


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Buy Electronic Cigarette, Smokeless Cigarettes, Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking was never taboo in public building up until a few years ago.  Nowadays it seems like every time you turn around a new establishment has become smoke free.  In fact smoking is not even permitted in outdoor public area.  Why have people suddenly become so intolerant of smokers? Second hand smoke is the culprit.  Folks are not keen on exposing themselves or their children to the effects of second hand smoke.  It is understandable considering that second hand smoke is as deadly as first hand smoke and at the rate that people are dropping like flies when it comes to cigarette smoking related deaths, it is no wonder that health-conscious people want to have nothing to do with the likes of  a smoker.

Quitting protocols have existed since the middle ages!  How much they work is still out to the jury.  It still seems to be largely based on the determination of the quitter more so than the ability of the smoking cessation methodology to mimic smoking.  So what do we do if nicotine pills, candies, gums, sprays and patches do not help?  If you find yourself looking to the heaven for answers it may be time to buy electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes.

As a novice looking to buy electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes, you may be surprised and daunted at the choices that exist.  First of all when you buy electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes, the thing to equip oneself with, is the e cig starter kit.  This kit contains all the accoutrements that one may need to start e cig smoking.  Along with the accessories and the device, you will receive a starter manual that will walk you through the step that can get you acclimated with the device.  When you buy electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes you may be unsure of what your choices are with respect to e liquid or e juice or liquid nicotine cartridges.

These cartridges are laced with a burnt tobacco flavor along with other food flavorings or essences to give you the experience of inhaling vapors that resemble your favorite food.  So before you buy electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes look through the manual thoroughly to consider all the e juice or e liquid choices.  These can truly open one up to a new experience that even real cigarettes cannot offer.

When you first Buy Electronic Cigarette or Smokeless Cigarettes, research the options that you have with respect to the different kinds of starter kit packages. This is that you can opt for one that is economical while providing all the tools. To Buy Electronic cigarettes look to vendors such as e-cigarette510.com that are domestically located.

Direct E-Cig Reviewed: Is Direct E Cig the Greatest Smokeless Cigarett?

Direct E-Cig Highlights:

Direct E-cig #1 substantial important benefit; you’ll be able to get a totally free starter ! A lot of folks are off by the substantial upfront commence up price of switching to electronic cigarettes. When you occur to be holding back simply because of this reason, then Steer E-cig is your solution.

Why do they do this? Well, significantly like key tobacco corporations, they want you to use their brand and not their competitors. Nonetheless, you must look at Point E-cig most specially if you’re hooked on tobacco cigarettes. This may possibly be the e-cigarette that finally rescues you mainly because the expense is cheaper than tobacco.


* * Cost-free Starter – Get into e-cigs with no start off up expenses
* Combined cartridge and atomizer (cartomizer) readily available – it is possible to upgrade to the two piece design for much more convenience
* Three nicotine strengths – roughly equal to unfiltered, light, and ultralight
* Offered in Menthol or Tobacco Only – no candy like flavors to tempt
* Bottles of liquid refill readily available – a lot more cash on cartridges by refilling them by yourself

Point E-cig has some truly very good answers to asked questions (Faqs) on their web page. For instance, it’s tempting to question why the big gap between mg and 16 mg cartridges.

Nevertheless, who smoke full flavor filters can purely take a shorter drag and their cartridges will last longer.

one particular genuinely impressive approach to e-cigs is the position Direct E-cig takes about flavors. When questioned about only two flavors, they have a extremely responsible answer. They claim flavors to candy encourages young children to grow to be addicted to nicotine. So, of you with kids may wish to that in mind when e-cigarettes.

Another difficulty is that some individuals may possibly be off with the notion of handling liquid and occasionally cleaning the atomizer. Yet, how several of people today deal with ashes, ashtrays, and cigarette butts? Looking at it that way, a handful of drops of liquid is substantially less of an inconvenience than sticking with your current smoking habit. Plus, you’ll be able to smoke an e-cig anywhere smoking is banned.


* Complete Starter : No cost!
* Batteries: $ 29.95
* Atomizers: $ 9.95
* Cartridges (5-Pack): $ .75
* 10 ml liquid refill: $ 9.95
* Cartomizers (single): $ 6.00

1 thing needs to be clarified; the cartridges come with liquid nicotine already in them. the liquid and refilling them your self is purely an choice which can you dollars. It is possible to, nonetheless, basically purchase a lot more cartridges just like the other brands. Cartomizers are a combination of atomizer and cartridge together in one particular piece.

Final Recommendation:

If price has been the main situation preventing you from switching to the smokeless cigarette, then you’ve got no additional excuses. Direct E-cig will give you a totally free starter . It comes with you will need plus a handful of extras. their web site and order yours these days. You’ll be glad you did.

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