Demo and Sell the All-New miniVAp, the Volcano, and the Plenty

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

Slide4less Inc. is introducing the all new miniVAP vaporizer as well as Storz & Bickels all new Plenty vaporizer. They’re giving customers the opportunity to demo the revolutionary miniVAP, the tried and true Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic, as well as the all-new Plenty by Storz & Bickel for a deeply discounted price. In addition, they are offering professionals in all medical fields introductory offers for trying out these revolutionary new vaporizers.

We distribute high-grade therapeutic vaporizers that deliver bona fide vaporization performance as well as purity and sound design, said Darren Romar, co-owner of Slide4less. The vast majority of vaporizers on the market today arent tested or patented at all, Romar continued, In an industry that makes a lot of claims about supporting a healthier lifestyle, its key to use only the finest medical grade materials, test your product thoroughly, and also to go through the process of patenting your product.

Everything that Slide4less Inc. sells is laboratory tested, patented, and engineered with cutting edge design. Why use a vaporizer if its not going to deliver true purity and dependable vaporization performance?

The vast majority of cheaper, more popular, vaporizer designs either burn the material or they dont maintain the heat consistently. In short, they dont really vaporize. The vaporizer has gone off track from what Slide4less Inc. believes in, which is that the only good vaporizer is one that delivers clean, chaste and pure vapor, free of carcinogens and other toxins associated with smoke. Further, a vaporizer that is not tested, patented, or designed to deliver purity is worth nothing at all.

“The main benefit of vaporizing is that it eliminates the byproducts of combustion. By precisely holding the temperature just below the point of combustion, a vaporizer does not burn the material, eliminating the presence of hazardous chemicals associated with smoke. By vaporizing with the right vaporizer you can virtually eliminate the smokers cough,” says Steven Steinberg, co-owner of Slide4less.

Years ago we introduced the Volcano to the United States. The volcano delivers a vaporizing experience that holds to our standards of excellence. It was our company, Slide4less that imported and distributed all Volcanos in the United States initially, said Steinberg. The Volcano was a huge success and we are still heavily involved with Storz & Bickel. However, there are many other distributors that started selling the Volcano, distributing to a different market than we do.

Slide4less has always distributed to the medical market, including the alternative medicine market in states that allow it. Regardless of this, we are not a paraphernalia distributor, as are most of the other vaporizer distributors. We only distribute vaporizers that meet our standards. This is why we sell high grade, therapeutic level vaporizers to a wider medical and health market, Darren Romar adds.

“The newest fads to hit the vaporizer market are E-Cigarettes and Pens. These are an exception rather than the rule in that they are patented. Ruan Corporation of China holds the worldwide patents for all E-Cigs. Hon Lik, also from China, invented the modern vaporizing pen,” says Romar. Both products are worldwide hits and are used to deliver a variety of nicotine mixtures.

“Did you know that Pens and E-Cigarettes use glycerin as a carrier to your lungs? The E-Cigarette is not a medical device and the use of a carrier means that the substance (glycerin) is inhaled in conjunction with the nicotine. This is not sound vaporization. The problem with these products is that they are not made to vaporize at a high enough temperature to efficiently vaporize all materials. Certain types of oils are not vaporized. Instead, the mixture is carried by glycerin, which vaporizes at a much lower temperature. Certain materials need to reach a much higher temperature in order for the essential oils to become activated,” is how Romar explains it.

Again, Slide4less Inc. doesn’t sell paraphernalia. They distribute only medical grade vaporizers. Slide4less Inc. loves meeting new customers and showing them the difference face-to-face. They do presentations and lectures across the country, and they will even sell demo units at the lowest wholesale rate. They are, hands down, the cleanest products on the market and the ones we trust and use daily ourselves.

Slide4less is currently looking for dispensaries, doctors, and wholesalers that are in it for the long haul. They’re trying to find exclusive partners that are interested in helping us develop a better delivery method so they can get these products out to the masses. They have recently started drop-shipping the miniVAP to distributors. This means customers dont have to make a huge investment by buying them in bulk. If a customer or patient is interested in a healthier alternative to smoking, suggest the miniVAP, Plenty, or Volcano. They will handle the shipping.

No other company has what Slide4less Inc. offers. Give them a call today at 1-800-659-8731 and leave them your name and number. Do it the right way with Slide4less Inc. from Oakland, California. Darren, Steve, Brent, James or Riche are here every day of the week to help you get started.

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